My Thoughts on Celeste

Posted 4 months ago2022-04-04 08:55:15 UTC
VeryCoolMoment VeryCoolMomentThis is Indeed a VeryCoolMoment!
If you don't know recently i've been playing a indie game called Celeste and I love it so i feel like it warrents being talked about here
I'll just be talking about Chapter 1-7 since i haven't gotten around to completing every B-Side
Spoilers for Chapters 1-7 Below!

The first thing i want to talk about is the Music, If you don't know Lena Raine did the music for Celeste (The same Lena Raine who made some songs for Minecraft and even Deltarune Ch2)
Theres a few that make me really happy, sad and even the song "Anxiety" makes me feel worried about what happens in the game
I enjoyed ALOT of the Chapters but theres a few that i got really annoyed about because of me not picking up on how to do a certain mechanic or me not reacting as quick
Tbh i really disliked Chapter 3 and 5 since the sot of enemies in that area is annoying
and i felt like i relate to Madeline with her anxiety (I don't think i've had a panic attack but it just feels like i can relate with her anxiety)

When i finished Celeste i felt really happy and like i acomplised something incredible
Anyways ending this Journal here before i go on talking about stuff i know about Ch9
Celeste is a great game and i seriously recommend it :)
Anyways goodbye for now!


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