Alberto3097 years ago2015-03-29 20:43:32 UTC 11 comments
I need help on Power Supply Units (PSU).

I need your help choosing a proper PSU to power this computer:
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 LGA775 "Yorkfield" 2.66Ghz 12MB-cache (1333FSB).
I would like to overclock it to at least 3.20Ghz. No worries, I have a Zalman CNPS9700-LED CPU Cooler. ;)
  • Asus Rampage Formula Intel x48 PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard.
  • OCZ Gold Edition 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 Dual Channel (OCZ2G10664GK).
  • XFX ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics card.
  • Maxtor STM3320614AS 320GB HDD SATA.
This computer has been donated to me by a kind friend, so I would like to power it with a quality PSU. The total power consumption for this rig is exactly 402 Watts.
I was looking for 80 Plus Bronze Corsair PSUs. Here is the only available choice for my budget: for 66,79€.

If this isn't enough, I've looked for this: for 95,29€.
It's way too expensive, but there are no other choices on the site (damn 80 Plus "Gold").

Do you think I can handle the whole thing (with the overclock) with the first PSU?

Thanks to all in advance. :)
Rimrook7 years ago2015-03-26 20:15:37 UTC 7 comments
New SMJ Video

It's quiet. Use headphones.
Notewell7 years ago2015-03-22 02:42:14 UTC 12 comments
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2muchvideogames7 years ago2015-03-17 04:06:49 UTC 6 comments
I totally just got outplayed by the hecu soldiers. see screenshot below:
User posted image
Basically, I was camping in that garage and waiting for the soldiers to come in so I can feed them my m3 shotgun. Took out 2 guys and then these two other guys, they both rushed into the garage together and one of them ran behind me and I tried to shoot him but I didn't manage to kill him. So then he, without stopping to shoot at me, ran back out of the garage for some reason. Then I noticed a grenade on the floor that the other guy dropped while I was distracted.
All in all, it really depends on the map design to bring out the 'intelligence' of these guys. Even though everyone knows that these guys are supposed to be really smart (like in FEAR) these maps and most mods dont provide for it. Just check out these shots below:
User posted image
The glock is too OP, and these guys simply don't work too well at long range
User posted image
(One monsterclip is all it would have taken to prevent this catastrophe)
Instant Mix7 years ago2015-03-16 01:54:25 UTC 2 comments
I'm now the publicity manager for the The University of Edinburgh's Footlights. They're the musical theatre society at Edinburgh.. and they have a very good name for themselves. Their last production, Rent, had 3 4 star reviews, one five star, and managed to sell out every single one of their shows. That's pretty fucking good.
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User posted image
User posted image
I'm fucked. I can't even type coherent sentences.
DiscoStu7 years ago2015-03-15 20:21:51 UTC 6 comments
In need of some hardware expertise here. I have my old computer, which is where all my old files live. I had been using it as a file dump/backup right up until it ran out of hard disk space.

Since I got this fancy new network-enabled drive (it's little more than a compact file server really, it's literally a Linux system with a file share and a web server for setting it up) I've been throwing everything there instead. So the time came to take all the old work files and send them there too.

Because I used this computer less and less often, at some point it decided to no longer start up immediately. As of today, the last time I turned it on was on friday. And before that, sometime in January. When I turn it on, nothing happens. Lights and fans go on, but nothing happens. No post, no output at all from the video card. The monitor sits there blinking its LED waiting for a video signal.

Normally, after turning it off and back on a few times, it finally starts up. On friday, I had left it on this idle state for several hours wondering if it needed to charge the battery to be able to start up, and it did work. However I tried the same yesterday without success. Leaving it on all day didn't make a difference.

Has anybody here had this experience before?
Daubster7 years ago2015-03-15 19:03:37 UTC 9 comments
It's been 10 years today since I first joined TWHL - holy crap this site has been around for a while.

Thanks for all the fun times folks, I probably wouldn't have gotten into modding & game dev without the support of an awesome, inclusive community. Looking back at the old posts it feels like we've all grown up together in a way.

I'm not around much anymore, but I will always consider TWHL a huge part of what helped land my dream profession, as well as helped me grow as a person. And also graduated me from a total n00b to a 1337 mod h4x0r.

Here's to the new members getting more good out of this! ;)

P.S.: Spent 10 mins looking for the post-a-journal page. Thanks to Archie for pointing it out to me. Derps.
Tetsu07 years ago2015-03-11 11:26:31 UTC 14 comments
Hit 10,000 Logins this morning :D
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ninja defuse7 years ago2015-03-09 18:20:27 UTC 25 comments
problem with temperature (?) in pc

i have been experiencing (probably) high temperature probably cousing my pc to randomly turn off while playing a game so i have just decided to dust off components but my PC still crashes and i can hear a "freezed sound" then my PC turn off
User posted image
so far PSU and motherboard is clean
User posted image
User posted image
washing components didn't help me...
the problem touches games, for example i play league of legends and it suddenly freeze PC and restart after 2 seconds... it happens every 2-3 hours maybe
  • i reinstalled video drivers old one and the newest...
  • changing PSU didnt help me (wasted money)
  • i think it might be audio problem i have heard rumours about Realtek HD Audio (which i own) cousing problems after one of these microsoft patches..
i have just found a video with the exact problem:

i hope u can help me
ninja defuse7 years ago2015-03-05 18:09:07 UTC 7 comments
freedslave7 years ago2015-03-03 08:34:44 UTC 6 comments
I watched a video on YouTube where a barnacle just east the monster gargantua It's obviously made with the hl2 engine but I want to try 4 hl1.
Is it possible to set the length of a barnacle's tongue ?
rufee7 years ago2015-03-02 18:33:56 UTC 19 comments
Valve's Gamebreaking Syndrome

This was supposed to be a PM to Jessie, but screw it lets make a journal :)

Anyway, what my problem with Valve is that they are/have become a monopoly and are slowly turning to EA, maybe not that bad, but the tendencies are there. Monopolies aside what really frustrated me was Valve's spontaneous new ideas for their old games. I don't remember when and with which game it started, but i have been putting together what looks like a tendency Valve follows with every game they make and later break.

Call me old fashioned, but i don't see why you need to try and revive old games that are in a state of "community management". The gsrc engine falls into that category, ever since they for some reason decided to upgrade the engine which broke camera movement, added unnecessary features like Anti-Aliasing and some other things. Granted this was done to offer cross-platform compatibility, but this could have been done a different way without touching the look and feel of a game. Not to mention they broke half of the servers.

TF2 comes in next. The game has gone downhill since the trading system was introduced. I know everyone wants money and all, but why break the game for the people who like the game for what it was? I mean you didn't add hats, weapons and other ** to CS 1.6 or CSS and everything worked fine for a very very very long time. In a matter of 2-3 years Valve basically killed what was a very little pro-scene to begin with, even the community got a stab in the back with "matchmaking" and official servers, on top of many other things i won't name. Instead of fixing the annoying game crash which plagued me since i first started playing, i have switched between 3-4 machines since then and the game still crashes (Stojke can relate), they pumped out more hats.

L4D, they game has a good concept everything was going ok and then L4D2, which would have been alright if not for the merge of the two few years later. Also the debut of Valve's "matchmaking" system.

Dota2, i have been with this game since the very beginning. The "hats" in this game don't bother me so much since impact to gameplay is very minimal. What really bothers me about it is that we can see Valve's focus is oriented towards milking the series for as much money as possible and then leave it rotting on the side of the road. The joke on youtube about the servers got me thinking, maybe its not that far fetched as it seemed. In the beginning the pings for me were about 40ms that jumped to 100ms in the same region. Ok there are more players which has an influence on this, but why not scale with the growing community and upgrade your damn network infrastructure?

CS:GO, il let the skins slide. What infuriates me is paying for maps ? really ? As i only play competitive i am displeased with this. I can't really comment on this much since its not that broken yet, we will see.

I am kind of old fashioned in the sense of modding, what i really liked about Valve is that everything was in the communities hands. Maps, models, servers everything. Now it just feels like they are ripping the soul of modding out from their games with Steam Workshop, to me modding has and always will be a community oriented thing, not a reddit on steam with an "Add to game" button. Yes it has become easy to add stuff to your game with this, but the hard way of doing it was the whole experience for me, taught me way more than push a few buttons to get what i want ever will.

I can't really come up with an example to compare to, Id software did it well, but then again it was early in the days of the online gaming we know today.

Well here was my little rant about Valve, they in my mind aren't what they used to be and never will be.
Instant Mix7 years ago2015-02-27 13:29:07 UTC 9 comments
Scouring out my emails, I came across this gem when I realised I still wanted proof I got my youtube fix almost 8 years ago.
I posted this on a video of the demolition of a couple cooling towers at a nearby decommissioned NPP.
User posted image
I shouldn't have been allowed on the internet. How the fuck did you guys put up with me for 3 years before that?
rufee7 years ago2015-02-25 18:58:12 UTC 12 comments
Time has come for me to take a step and upgrade to Win8 SP1 (Yes that's what i call 8.1 get over it).
Trying to customize it as much as i can to suit my needs, that is i need it to be as close to 7 as possible, already got the classic start going, removed annoying folders in the Computer window, renamed "This PC" etc...

The only thing that bothers me is the non transparent borders. And the colors they have are really eye popping and none of them seem to work for me. Anyone has any solution to this, maybe make them like 7 ?
DiscoStu7 years ago2015-02-25 18:02:31 UTC 6 comments
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