Rimrook14 years ago2006-03-30 15:04:14 UTC 0 comments
My New Computer is up and running, but i lost half of my programs and settings when i installed my old drive. I haven't been able to work on the demo of Turnstile at all and it's already Thursday. The good news is that i might be able to run HL2 in good respect. Please be patient, i have much work to do before it's finally ready. I didn't lose a single file of anything so the mod is still going.

BTW: my new comp's name is Akimbo. Be nice and say Hi to her later.
Rimrook14 years ago2006-03-24 12:57:47 UTC 1 comment
I think i just developed a slight phobia of starting things on TWHL if all i'm going to get is Blammage. I know i've had issues in the past but that was a long while ago and some people are still on my case about it. I feel that i've been stripped of some of the Rights i have as a regular member.

Who am i kidding, no one reads this shit anyway.
Rimrook14 years ago2006-03-20 13:23:51 UTC 0 comments

Might I suggest you RAR it as well? It'll be smaller. - Ant

I can't :( - Rimrook
Rimrook14 years ago2006-03-18 17:16:24 UTC 0 comments
The halflife2.wad is complete. Anyone who wants a copy can email me for now and i can send it via email. Beware, the zip is 65.5 mb and might take some dedication for you Dial-up users.
Rimrook14 years ago2006-03-17 09:31:15 UTC 0 comments
Those of you who have requests will have to wait a short while. The need for the halflife2.wad is top priority as of now. Once completed, my normal activities will resume.
Rimrook14 years ago2006-03-16 07:35:19 UTC 0 comments
I'm offering SKY GRAPHICS to those who ask.

Send me 1024 x 512 image of the sky you want and I'll convert it into a seamless skyset for HL1!

A good image requires:
+Tiles Horizontally, vertical tiling is optional.
+The Horizon is in the center of the image.
+Well organized. The portion near the top and bottom of the image will we contracted together and be warped slightly.
Rimrook14 years ago2006-03-06 10:21:07 UTC 0 comments
Turntsile could be nearing it's demo in a few weeks. I hope the teamwork pays off and the essentials get done so i can start mapping. Almost every position is still open, so ask if you want to help out. The help would be rediculously appreciated. :D

peace :glad: :heart:
Rimrook14 years ago2006-02-06 09:05:40 UTC 0 comments
For those who are requesting texturing for maps, this is just a reminder: Map comes first, textures second. More gets done faster and more accurately this way. Screenshots would help, RMF's will help a lot.

~Thanks. :D
Rimrook14 years ago2006-02-02 10:38:38 UTC 0 comments
If you need help with a problem map, need a texture or textures, or would like an optimized compile, just pm me and let me. I am open to help those who ask for it. :glad: :heart:

DISCLAIMER: I don't have internet at home and I commute solely at the sckool. I don't have class on wednesday, saturday, and sunday. But those days, i have a chance to work on the requests. The whole deal is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.
Rimrook14 years ago2006-01-31 11:28:02 UTC 0 comments
That's final. I'm long overdue for something.
I don't want a shiny trophy, but i want to choose and judge the next compo. I would GLADLY STAY OUT of the compo if the winner offers me choice and judging privledges. I doubt that will happen, so I have to secure my opportunities on my own.

Good luck to all and Happy Mapping~ i luv yu guys :glad: :heart:
Rimrook14 years ago2005-12-15 09:46:04 UTC 0 comments

Here's how it works:

You don't need anything else besides the batch compiler. You don't need to know about hints or any of that. First, in the BSP (or csg, one of these) tab of the compiler, there is a setting called "MAX NODE SIZE" or something like that. enable it and change the value to it's minimum, which is 64. Combine this with a FULL-VIS compile. You might not notice it, but pretty much EVERYTHING you don't see gets automatically cut away. Even the backsides of pillars and smaller objects, sometimes. I tried this with some of the more harshly-made maps of mine, and can cut over 900 wpoly's from the count very easily. The best part, no extra work with hints. It's Automatic and optimized perfectly.

If you want to hint areas to cut the poly's down by a little more, you certainly can. But be warned that this can misload sections and cost you.

The HL Engine, once again, is even more powerful than we all think.
Rimrook14 years ago2005-11-12 09:50:41 UTC 0 comments
Thanks to all of the judges for the rather merciful trophy. I really spent half of the month working on the entry, and the other half dealing with webspace and switching between the internet at the school and my work at home. More than a hassle than it's worth.


I really mean that too.

And yeah, i did use spirit. I was skeptical at first really. The use of custom code was not clearly stated in the compo brief, and some of the things I had planned would be difficult to execute smoothly without messing up everytime.

The senseless files included with the mod was a big slip of the eye as well. I thought I had packaged it up cleanly, but steam must have placed a bunch of crap-files in the mod's directory before zipping it. The sprites that weren't used couldn't be deleted because the map supposeably used them. I still don't really know how to fix this one :(

The textures were rather decent on my behalf, given I made them in one day, unlike most of my sets, i spent up to 4 to 10 days on textures alone. Some of them didn't match keenly and some weren't that nice at all.

I thought the map was too long, really.

... and i still don't have a decent file host. If anyone can PM me a link, please do so. I tried GeoCities, and all of the plugins don't work on the school's comps.

~Thanks for listening to my bullshit.

Rimrook14 years ago2005-11-07 07:28:37 UTC 0 comments
ergh... it took me 3 days to get HL2 properly functioning with all of the utilities and junk.

But everything is soooooo worth it. :D
Rimrook14 years ago2005-11-05 18:23:28 UTC 0 comments
Half-Life 2 is mine, i got all of the crap i need to make anything.

Rimrook14 years ago2005-10-25 08:35:22 UTC 0 comments
SANCEFAR, my newest themed map has been released. Check it out here.


Also, the dm_crete and l33t chamber RMFs have been added to the original files. If you want the source from now on, please download the actual maps here.