Rimrook4 years ago2014-09-12 22:55:39 UTC 14 comments
Lyssa took the picture, I made it a png. Enjoy.
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I got a really weird idea and it's hopefully not too weird.

In a nutshell, it's a singleplayer mini-game type where the player hunts down headcrabs tucked away in hidden locations. Kind of like an exterminator. Baby-crabs in HL1 work well for this because they are tiny and can hide in more locations. I tried experimenting with cockroaches in the original idea, but their code is incomplete and they trigger nothing when they are killed. The next smallest is baby-crabs so that's why its crab hunt and not roach hunt.

It would certainly be interesting to craft a small and detailed environment and stash 50 crabs in it to be found. Lots of interesting puzzles could be made of it too.

Would be more interesting if we each made a level and strung them together in a mod. All default resources would do nicely for it I suppose.

Rimrook5 years ago2014-06-11 22:14:12 UTC 5 comments
I made a slot machine game!
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I came home and found that my neighbor left a notecard on my door. The note said lightning hit the tree. Sure enough, the tree 6 feet from my door is all fucked up. I'm glad we weren't home at the time because we probably would have been outside watching the storm, sitting on metal chairs near a metal railing that runs closely by the tree. Though it doesn't appear that any lightning jumped to the railing, still I wouldn't take the chance.

It's dark out and I will try and get pictures tomorrow morning.

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This is the tree.
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From the corner of the stairs. Not far now is it? Only a few inches from the roof.
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A wide shot, I live on the corner. Lyssa is there reading a book so that's how close we would've been.
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Pieces of the lightning enchanted wood that my neighbor has. I wonder what he's going to do with it? Lucky bastard.
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Looking through the flecks on the ground, I started finding tree amber. This small piece is actually quite shiny. Picture doesn't do justice. It's really orange around the edges.
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Blown out chunks of sap. There are parts that are marbleized from the heat, and other parts are burned. Smells really good for some reason.
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Couldn't help myself.

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Ok in 15 minutes I leave to get my Vasectomy.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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AGDQ is going on this week. Here's the line up

and you can watch it here.

I'm excited for the Valve block and Cave Story this evening. :D
Also, donate to stop cancer, i did.
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You guys are gonna love this shit.

I donated $5 to the humble bundle to get some games, preferably Sims 3. To confirm my banking info, the ghost charge the amount on my account. Basically charging then cancelling. Today, they charged outright, which I didn't have $5 so I overdrawn and was charged $35 by my bank. Essentially I paid $40 for a $20 game. An EA game nonetheless.

I want to start a fire.
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Just watched "Jobs" at the theatre. Its really inspirational. Though I think all of the Windows ads that were on before the previews was just lulzy.

It's really interesting seeing the life of someone who believes in the same philosophies as I do. I'm no Steve Jobs though, hell I never really knew the guy. Yet we have a lot in common. I think there are lots of people out there (maybe you?) who share that same spark.
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EDIT: Ooooooh i never posted the news here... I swear I did...
This is a copy from elsewhere about it.
I've been sick and on worker's compensation from being exposed to calcium hypochlorite disodiumsalt of ethylenediaminetetraaceticaciddihydratediammoniumsulfate with still unknown floculent ingrediants. This stuff was puffed into my face when I folded up a single layer of cardboard that covered the wooden palette. On this palette was about 12 boxes of the stuff. I handled the chemical perfectly, I got sick handling a piece of cardboard.

So how did the cardboard become covered in this chemical? Ever get a bag of flour and there's flour all over the outside of the fucker? Its from the factory and can't be helped. So my company has been very nice to me lately, though I'm now entering my 4th week of having little breath to spare and still coughing. I see a specialist soon next month at least.

All this means I am home a lot and I have been around to do some art to stay active. I will likely stream some sketches and make things fun. I've felt like crap, can barely go outside, and I don't know when I can return to work.

Lastly I leave you with this... WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE!?!? I'll let everyone know when I sprout boobs or something...

Walked into my job today after 3 months of recovery from the chemical inhalation. My right arm went tingly, my lips turned white, instant headache, and I couldn't breathe. I can't go back to work at that job. I might lose my job but hell if that happens, there will most likely be some legal action. I am so fucking tired of this shit.
Rimrook6 years ago2013-07-09 03:05:36 UTC 33 comments
UPDATE! See below.


By popular demand, the reason:

For the last bunch of years, Lyssa had an IUD. She's had it for a long time and its coming up on her 8th year I think. Somehow the IUD shifted and needs to be removed as soon as possible as it could puncture her womb and cause a lot of damage. The doctors have advised that it is too risky for her to have her tubes tied, so I offered to get a vasectomy since its faster, easier, cheaper, and more effective. Lyssa and I never wanted kids anyway. As for my legacy, I always liked the idea of an apprentice which could be anyone.