Rimrook8 years ago2011-07-13 17:54:03 UTC 4 comments
Lappytop computer is dead.

A moment of silence please...

Thank you.

Now today I traveled 9 miles looking for the parts necessary to restore the data by adapting the HDD to an external enclosure. Turns out all I bought was some mud soap, which was $35 but I talked him down to $10, then had lunch and went home without my parts. I need a car, its too hot for this.
Rimrook8 years ago2011-06-10 12:43:09 UTC 23 comments
Addicted to Minecraft, bbl.
Rimrook9 years ago2011-05-29 22:06:19 UTC 6 comments
Made this.
Rimrook9 years ago2011-05-23 20:05:52 UTC 5 comments
Lyssa is doing well. She decided to dance again after her surgery. It was a hard road to travel. This is her comeback performance, her head is in a vail because of the surgery-ness.

Come Back Performance

She also did this too

Rimrook9 years ago2011-04-24 23:53:11 UTC 5 comments
Store was broken into, brb.
Rimrook9 years ago2011-03-22 00:10:02 UTC 4 comments
I used to play this game all the time when I was a youngin' on the SNES. I would get funny answers. BUT NOT THIS FUNNY!

I laughed to tears after the first two.
Rimrook9 years ago2011-03-11 12:10:17 UTC 9 comments
Going to the doctor because I have a Flu/Cold combo with hearing loss. Fluid filled my ears so it always sounds like I'm under water.

Rimrook9 years ago2011-02-22 22:59:09 UTC 15 comments
Treadmillasaurus Rex

Highscores? Mine so far is 29,230
Rimrook9 years ago2011-01-25 18:36:08 UTC 10 comments
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Rimrook9 years ago2011-01-13 04:10:47 UTC 15 comments
I just quit that thing I did that wasted 40 hours a week doing whatever it was I did.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-12-26 01:04:33 UTC 9 comments
Finally popped the question properly to Lyssa! It was at a family gathering today at one of her uncle's mother-in-law's place. It was hectic trying to get everyone together discretely and not spoil the surprise, including giving the camera to the camera man and not telling him why he needs it. When everyone was in one spot and quiet, I gave my little speech. Sorry I kinda made it up out of love on the spot and I dont really remember it. But it was along the lines since we've been through SOOOO much over that last year together, we have pretty much become inseparable and I wouldn't want it any other way. She was completely blown away by the ring and how large it is.

User posted image
So she's mine! MAH!

Rimrook9 years ago2010-12-15 16:53:35 UTC 8 comments
Lyssa's surgery results. She has a hole in her head now, as well as a plate and screws and... well see for yourself.
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Rimrook9 years ago2010-12-13 15:35:40 UTC 16 comments
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I love my job sometimes.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-11-30 19:45:16 UTC 12 comments
Fucking serious journal is fucking serious because fucking angry Rimrook is fucking angry.

I got a letter in the mail from Sallie Mae saying my student loan payments are crazy late and I'm about to default on the loans... problem is this is the only thing I have ever gotten from them. Turns out my mom hasn't paid them in about a year. She TOLD me that the loans were in her name so I wouldn't have to worry about stuff which was a lie, they were in my name but the entire time I was in school, I was lied to. My credit was instantly ruined right before Christmas too. I applied for a credit card designed for paying off debt, plus it would have allowed me to get gifts for Christmas, especially the engagement ring for my fianc?e. I ultimately did not get the new card so I'm stuck. Also, if I don't do something soon, defaulting on my loans will garnish my wages, increase their interest, they'll take all my tax refund amounts, as well as make me ineligible for any loan of any kind from banks and credit bureaus. So I'm now $86,000 more fucked over than before. I'm hoping I can defer them long enough to figure something out. I can't believe my own mother would ruin my life like this.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-11-28 20:32:37 UTC 5 comments is down. My host crapped out so its not my fault.

This also means that half of my maps are not available anymore. But don't worry your pretty little heads, I got the email about the server going offline and backed up the entire website. :)

R.I.P. for now.