Rimrook9 years ago2010-06-24 22:47:10 UTC 15 comments
I got a Sulfuric Acid burn today at work. I throughly let everyone know what a delightful sensation it was.


EDIT: before you ask, the amount of contact was about a fourth of a drop. Still stings like hell as I type this, which I got it 5 hours ago. It was on the pad of my index finger on my left hand.

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Rimrook9 years ago2010-06-21 22:15:37 UTC 10 comments
I'm now a lead sales associate at work, but I'm also getting trained to become an assistant manager. All in under 1 month too, that must be a record or something. Anyway, I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to get a competition entry put together. I'm also working on something else (not the l4d2 map) that would be more worth than a compo trophy so who knows.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-06-03 21:37:45 UTC 10 comments
Read this.

Pasted from my email.
"I found your email addresses on Mom's email program, so I hope this goes through ok.

I understand that Allan let you know that Mom passed away this morning, and that the funeral director talked with you.

Here is the obituary that we are putting together for the different papers. It may change slightly, but this is very close to what will be published. If you see anything that needs to be changed, please let me know asap.

The initial assessment of Mom's cancer showed that she had cancer in both lungs, a rib, her pelvis, her shoulder, on the adrenal glands, and on the tip of the pancreas. They also found that she had two blood clots in her right leg.

Mom cycled up and down several times while she was taking chemo. She was trying to keep it very hush-hush while she was selling the house in Thief River. Between the chemo, the cancer, and whatever else might have been going on she declined very rapidly. She was in the hospital for 6 days after the first chemo treatment, and went in last Tuesday after the 3rd treatment. They did a CT scan to see if the chemo was working at all, and found that she had a blood clot in one of her lungs.

Mom decided that enough was enough, and decided to go into hospice last Friday. She was better on Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday. Tuesday morning when I talked to her she was ready to go. She was in some pain, and wanted some drug relief. Tuesday night about 10pm they called me to say that her breathing had changed, and that she was becoming unresponsive. I stayed with her overnight, and she passed this morning at about 11 am.

She loved the hospital, the doctors, the nurses, and the hospice staff. They kept her comfortable, and the end came quickly when it was her time.

I hope this gives you some idea of how Mom passed.


This is the long version that will be customized for the various papers:

Leona J Muzzy, 74, of Thief River Falls, MN, and Cedar Falls, IA, died Wednesday, June 2, at Cedar Valley Hospice Home in Waterloo, IA.

Leona was born to Henry and Bessie (Haggerty) Madison, December 7, 1935 in Nebish, MN. Leona graduated from Bemidji High School and from Teacher Training at Thief River Falls. She taught school in Grygla for several years. She married Erwin Muzzy in June 1955. They farmed north of Thief River Falls. In 1969 they moved to Argyle, MN, where they owned and operated the John Deere dealership until 1981. They wintered in Florida for a number of years, returning to Thief River Falls for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Erwin died in 2002. Leona spent the balance of her summers in Minnesota, and her winters in Iowa.

Leona enjoyed working with the Northland Threshing Bee in Strathcona, MN, and quilting with the Piece Makers at First Presbyterian Church in Cedar Falls, IA. She had been active in the Thief River Falls American Legion Auxiliary and the Community Theater.

Leona is survived by four children: Norman (Melissa) Muzzy (Cedar Falls, IA), Karen Rhine (Phoenix, AZ), Steven (Shaun) Muzzy (Thief River Falls, MN), and Shari Benson (Florida). She is also survived by seven grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Erwin, two brothers (Ernie Madison and Dale Madison), one sister (Mae Dufseth), and her parents.

Memorial services will be held at United Methodist Church of Thief River Falls on Sunday, June 6, at 2 pm and at First Presbyterian Church of Cedar Falls on Tuesday, June 8, at 10 am."

I said goodbye to her over the phone minutes before she went. I am also unavailable to attend her funeral.
Rimrook10 years ago2010-05-21 09:40:58 UTC 8 comments
Grandma has cancer!

Copied email from my brother.

"I just wanted to update you with what I know. Grandma has three spots of cancer in her lungs and another in her hip. This type of cancer is very aggressive where one may only have about a year with treatment or six months without. We figure that she might not make it through July. She has not been taking good care of herself and she has not been easy to get along with She has been crabby and angry at the whole family. Whatever she has said to Ben, he should not take it personally."
Rimrook10 years ago2010-05-10 18:00:48 UTC 12 comments
/me has the flu.

Fuck CEDA.
Rimrook10 years ago2010-04-20 21:18:13 UTC 24 comments
You guys are going to think I'm fucked up, but here goes.

Deep breath

My dad calls and lets me know that I need to move back to Minnesota because there are more and better jobs there. To my research and resources its the same, or in fact less because of the lack of population density. Either way, I said no and really defended myself against him. He slipped up and mentioned he was under pressure. I drilled on him a bit and he confessed that my grandmother is trying to run the family again, primarily to get me to move up north away from my mom (grandma's youngest and unwanted daughter) to harm mom more than she already has. After laying the smackdown on dad because I'm tired of being between two divorced immature adults. I stood my ground the best I could until dad let me go. A few minutes later my grandma tells me she's sick and she has probably days left to live (true or not) and that I should dump my girlfriend, break my lease, sell my furniture, and move up north. I told her I was happy here and she responds with a nasty "I don't care." She's failing to understand that I am me and me likes it here. She can't control me like she can with my feeble father. She threatens me that my name will be removed from her will and I will lose thousands of dollars, and that she will give me nothing. I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself, but I didn't, probably should have. I just stated that I am staying and that's final.

TL;DR - Rimrook is a stone cold motherfucker.
Rimrook10 years ago2010-04-19 17:37:07 UTC 14 comments
By popular demand.
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Rimrook10 years ago2010-04-15 20:28:11 UTC 7 comments
My Girlfriend told me not to combine Velveeta macaroni and cheese and a whole can of Chili.

Tonight I dine in hell, I SHALL ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE! brb.
Rimrook10 years ago2010-04-10 21:40:02 UTC 14 comments
Fucking hilarious! Take a good look at this!

Copied from Craig's List...

This television will get you laid. Guaranteed. - $20 (South Philly)

Date: 2010-04-10, 6:25PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

You know how people assume a dude driving a Hummer or a Corvette has a tiny penis? Well, it's true. Having nice things mean you got a small package but having old, crappy things means you're packing that monster meat, a freakish third-leg. That's where this TV comes in. It's only 13" which is like way way small but it also has a DVD player. So it says "yeah I like watching TV with my enormous pants log, what of it?" Also the DVD player only works like 1/3 of the time so basically people will assume you got really nice balls and a smooth, shiny nutbag too. "Hey Tripod! Yeah I'm going to start calling you Tripod!" That's what all the hot girls in your inner city apartment complex will say when they see you carrying this TV back to your basement suite, big ol' weiner swingin' like a floppy pendulum keeping time with the catcalls. "Yo Tripod, how 'bout I bring over my Starship Troopers DVD," a huge-breasted babe will yell, and you'll silently chuckle to yourself whilst passing her by. She probably doesn't even understand the message of that movie.
Rimrook10 years ago2010-04-04 21:36:28 UTC 10 comments
You guys are going to love this.

I'm hiding easter eggs for the young kids at a park with my girlfriend and I just hid the last one by a fence. I was jogging back when my leg started stinging. Turns out I came into contact with a Fire Ant pile. I went back to the easter egg and figured it wouldn't be a good idea (at all) to leave an easter egg in a pile of Fire Ants. The easter egg was covered with them but I picked it up anyway and shook all of the ants off. I then hid it under a bench.

In short, I got chewed up a bit by some ants. Luckily bug bites don't effect me much since I hail from the northern lands of distant Minnesota. :)

My easter was good. HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!
Rimrook10 years ago2010-03-24 00:57:32 UTC 10 comments
Left 4 Dead 2 is JUST simply the best blend of game for me. I've given a good play so far and I simply LOVE it! I love it just as much as TF2 only I don't get so pissed off at it since its co-op.

I have Huntey to thank for the game! Thanks Huntey!
Rimrook10 years ago2010-03-15 01:53:42 UTC 5 comments
Jesus tapdancing Christ I put in a 16 hour day already and I still have about 8 hours left. That's a whole 24 hours! Freelance work is hard sometimes, I hope I get a boat load of money for this! ... probably will. :D

I can't say anything since I'm under a contract. There may be some new things in my near future like food and a Wacom Cintiq.
Rimrook10 years ago2010-03-10 18:15:59 UTC 10 comments
Made this for Urby.
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Hope this wasn't a part of a surprise or anything... :P
Rimrook10 years ago2010-03-04 21:31:56 UTC 3 comments
LOLWUT? I opened up Max and made a little something and tried to export it to a Halflife SMD file, only the option wasn't there. I made sure the plugins were installed and even installed them again. No luck. Even worse, I can't import SMD files either. What gives? I can't model for HL anymore?
Rimrook10 years ago2010-02-18 16:33:57 UTC 5 comments
Finally got TurboCAD back!

Here, have a free layout.
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Also, I just brought the back off my girlfriend's expensive computer chair. I'm ok, just a few bumps, but I won't be ok when I tell her later. :(