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I have a rant

You know the deal.

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I meant to post this months ago seeing as it was back in June but what the hell?

So I sent an email to PCGamer UK ranting about how video game developers tend to fall flat on their face trying overly hard to make games with a greater sense of immersion.

Surely enough, the next issue of the magazine came out and a shortened version of my email was "The Hot Mail" email of the month. I never got my prize (a 70Gb USB Drive)
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He really seems to have matured over the past month or so...
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Haha! Had the best day at work ever today.

So, last week I was told that I couldn't go on hoilday this week seeing as I was currently working on 5 websites and it would be bad to leave 5 clients hanging for another week. I thrashed those 5 websites into existance to get them finished by Friday so that I could take my week off and all but 2 of the clients were happy with the result. 2! Bastards.

So, this morning I got into the office and both me department manager and the company managing director looked at me and said: "Aren't you on holiday this week?"

I explained that I was told that I couldn't take the holiday seeing as 2 clients wanted to make changes to their websites before they would sign them off as complete.

The department manager responded: "Who told you that? If you've sent the site to the client then its done. I can have one of the other guys make the changes if they need to. Go home. Enjoy your holiday."



Surprise week off = WIN
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Urby talks about bad timing.

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This is how I cope with modern day stupids.

JustUrby on YouTube!
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Urby is back on the tube. Basically, if you guys enjoy my nonsence ramblings here in the Journals, you can now hear my nonsence ramblings on my new YouTube channel.

JustUrby's Channel

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Its a very strange sensation knowing that this time tomorrow the last 5 dreadful years working in a supermarket will be behind me. Yes, tomorrow at 4pm I hang up my green body warmer for the last time and head off into my career.

Overall emotion at the moment? Overwhelmingly Nervous.

I guess driving 10 minutes to my old hometown to print price labels for 9 hours a day got far too routine and in the end I just did it without thinking. The next couple of months are going to be a nightmare.

First off, my new job is in Shrewsbury which is an hours drive from my house. Fuel and keeping my 14 year old car roadworthy will definatly run my bank account into the ground faster than I would like.

Secondly, I'm no longer working with my finacee. We see each other most of the day and complain about the assholes we work with when we get home. Its nice. Now when I leave the house she'll either have left already or be in bed still depending on her shift. In the evening when I get home I'll only have a few hours before I'll need to sleep in preparation for the travel the next day.

The good points? Well, its the start of a career in Web Design for one of the UK's busiest e-commerce website providers. It's more money and goes up even more after a couple of months. Also, as luck would have it, the very same company hired 3 of my friends from college recently. :D

Anyways, I've been moaning for long enough and I suppose nobody really cares about this stuff. I just felt like typing out my thoughts...meh

Best get some sleep. Last shift starts in 7 hours...

tl:dr? New job causes conflict of emotions.
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Good Day to you all.

[i]MEET ARCHIE...[/i]
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Now with waving action!

Yeah, so after the tragedy with Mizzi, my fiancee and I decided the house was too empty without him. It order to fill the hole that he left, we aquired a 5 week old kitten (he hits 6 weeks today)

He so cute but is a lot to handle at the moment with litter training and getting him used to the house. He's been here for a week and so far has explored 2 of our 4 rooms. He is currently adventuring on and around the sofa and is very affectionate to people. :)
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More soon.
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I'm a little depressed at the moment. See below :(

Goodnight Mizzi
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He's adjusted very quickly to the smells and sounds of the English countryside and is proving to be quite the comedian. Overall, its nice to know that I'll have some company whenever I'm off work and the fiancee is out. :3
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Generally, since settling in, Mizzi has done what cats do best:
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Good evening TWHL.

So, today is my Caturday. Got me a new cat today :)

His name is Mizzi (short for 'Mischief') and he's 1 year old. My plan was to take a few photo's of him today and upload them in this journal post but there have been a few complications.

Mizzi is a house cat and is used to living on a quiet street in the middle of town. However his owner is moving into a new apartment where pets aren't allowed. He is now living with me and my fiance out in the country on a main road so everything from the sounds to the smells is totally new to him. As such he has spent most of his day hiding under our sofa.

I'll upload photo's as soon as Mizzi is feeling a little more settled and looking more photogenic.

In other news I popped into work today to find out what hours I'm working when my holiday finishes. Unfortunatly it I go back a day earlier than I realised. I start at 7am tomorrow morning. :(

Looks like my next MOTM review and starting work on my Left4Dead map will have to wait.
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So, with Left4Dead's Survival mode now up and running I've suddenly gained a lot of interest in mapping for it. Arena's are a lot easier to make in terms of reference and time but at the same time can still look good.

I intend to recreate one of the main streets of my home town, with the Buttercross (the town's main landmark and market area) as the central staging area.
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In this satalite pic you can see all the alleys and side roads leading into the street so the area should be perfect for the infected to swarm over.
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RED: Buttercross staging area: Ammo and Health here.
GREEN: Play Zone: Players and Infected can maneuver in these areas
YELLOW: Infected Zones: Infected spawn in these areas. Players cannot enter.

I hope to start working on this map this week while I'm on holiday. More info soon. I will be asking for help and testing soon as well so stay frosty. <3
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I recently worked out why I prefer playing RPGs (Preferably FPS RPGs)

In most titles such as Half-Life or Far Cry or Crysis, you are perscribed a character, with a backstory and a motive and a set fate. This always kills immersion for me, even in Far Cry 2 when you have a selection of characters the overall game is the same regardless.

Fallout 3 is currently my top game and with good reason. After your characters birth you make your own story starting with your name and how you look. From then on things can change dramatically. I am currently playing 2 games in Fallout.

In one, I have created myself, as closely as possible appearance wise, but mostly in the choices I have made so far. As a baby I became intelligent, observative and agile but not overly strong. On my 10th birthday I annoyed Butch (the bully character) and used my wit to get out of a fight. I also thanked everyone for their gifts regardless of how crap they all were. When the shit hit the fan in the vault I helped out everyone I could and used my agility to sneak around or run from the guards so that I didn't have to kill anyone. Since leaving the vault I have been friendly with everyone, even lying occasionally to make them feel better (or for my own benefit. Hey, thats just how I am)

In my other game, I am playing as Crystal, who is pretty much my opposite. Female, attractive and a complete and utter bitch queen. As a baby I trashed my room, throwing toys all over, and made myself very strong, very charismatic and quite stupid. On my 10th birthday I told everyone how crappy their gifts were and got in a fight for calling Butch's mum a drunk. I even got told off for being ungrateful. I then shot my dad in the eye with a BB gun he gave me. When things went loopy I took a bat and smacked the living shit out of everyone, including those asking for help. I would often loot their bodies as well. I got some nice stuff out of it. I also locked a Butch's mom in a room with some radroaches (big fucking cockroaches) who ate her alive whilst I snagged all her booze and killed her son with a security baton. (I wanted his jacket.) Since leaving the Vault I have become addicted to Whiskey. At one point I broke into a woman's house and beat her to death with my fists so that I could get my fix.

Thats what makes Fallout such an immersive game. Imagine how crazy Half-Life would have been if Gordon was a medkit junkie and needed a fix in the middle of a shootout. The tension would have been double what it was. Or if you could make deals with the militia in Far Cry 2 so that they could give you supplies or be called on to help with missions.

Role-Playing is often shunned because of its slow combat mechanics and levelling systems but in my opinion its the best type of game for interativity and a truely immersive experience.

Oh, I also drank from a toilet in a dank and rusty saloon. Got quite sick.

tl;dr? RPG's are the best source of immersive and interactive worlds.