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Wave 1

YouTube and Warner Music Group have really rubbed me the wrong way as of late. Muting an entire video because it contains 10 seconds of music is the most fucking ridiculous thing I have ever heard. OK, so an entire song I can understand even though my crappy GMOD music videos are still up. However my Santa's Revenge Review for Mod of the Month contained no more than 20 seconds of the track "12 Pains of Christmas," a god awful song by some god awful artist nobody had ever heard of yet WMG saw fit to mute it for this very reason. Never mind the fact that the rest of the video took a week or so to prepare and put together and that the artists were all credited accordingly.

If they had sent a message and told me, then I would have gladly downloaded the movie, altered the 20 seconds of footage and then uploaded it with a different track. But no, the vid was muted without my knowing and I no longer have the files to fix the issue. So, my Santa's revenge review is silent, making it overall pointless.

Warner Music can choke on a cock.
UrbaNebula11 years ago2009-04-04 22:20:18 UTC 12 comments
Well, I should be able to run off another Map of the Month review this week. Been lagging behind after the whole "REINSTALL FUCKING EVERYTHING" virus fix. I also seem to be suffering a pretty serious case of the "can't-be-arsed" fever.

Anywho, with any luck completing this video will inspire me to run off the other few maps I've been assigned too. Here's to hoping.
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It's a good thing Fallout 3 is an awesome game. In my haste to wipe my system clean of all the nasty viruses that had swallowed my Windows folder, I seem to have cleansed myself of the the progress I had made out in the wasteland.

There were a few other titles I have inadvertently erased but Fallout 3 was the biggest one in terms of hours played.

I'll have to reinstall it at some point and get started again. I also decided to give Far Cry 2 another try, see if I can actually finish it this time. I've put 9 hours in so far. Man its fucking boring. Even the multiplayer. Thats a bad sign right there.

I miss GoldSource mapping :(
UrbaNebula11 years ago2009-03-04 05:57:05 UTC 15 comments
I really want to work on Complex Opinions so that I have media to revive the MODDB Page with. It was the one project I've worked on alone that I was genuinly happy with. Some areas need reworking and tweaking but I just can't cope with altering graphics settings each time I switch between Hammer and Half-Life.

Such a pain in the ass.
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What is with the sudden overabundance of horror mods these days?

It seems for every decent Source/GoldSrc mod that is currently in development there are 3 or 4 more horror mods with development teams who believe that to induce fear you need darkness. These so called ‘teams’ are usually made up of a single kid producing content, sometimes even less than that (hurray for stealing other peoples work!)

Here are the basic essentials to producing a horror mod these days:
  • 1 Blocky map with no lights 100 zombies and 1 or 2 corpses.
  • 1 custom zombie model / skin.
  • A few custom zombie sounds.
  • 1 crappy ass title (Fear: Source / Dark Black / Zombie Manor)
Compile and release and a throng of equally talentless teens will no doubt praise it as the work of a god, inspiring them to release mods of their own.

What a load of bollocks.
UrbaNebula11 years ago2009-03-02 17:10:43 UTC 12 comments
How hard is it for people to say "Thank You" these days?

I put in 10 hours work yesterday. I was running the department while my manager was away. Therefore I had to work 10 hours from 9am to 7pm with 1 hours break for lunch. From 9am to 4pm I had to cover the office doing several managerial jobs. From 4pm on a Sunday I have to put out advertising and do legal price checks for Monday morning's trade. If it's not done, the company is then displaying false advertising, which by-the-by is considered illegal by trading standards.

I usually work 12pm to 9pm on a Sunday which essentially gives me from 4pm to 9pm to do advertising. So last night I was 2 hours short not to mention suffering from a major stress induced migraine. I was sick when I got home. My shift for today was supposed to be 7am to 3pm, however with 2 hours lost last night and the doors opening to customers at 8am I was an hour short to get everything done. So I started an hour early, wandered in through the doors and then I get a load of other work dumped on me. I worked my ass off from 6am to 12:30 without a break. I had 30mins and was told I could leave at 1pm for not taking my lunch hour.

Finally 1pm rolls around and I leave passing the Store manager on my way out. He turns to me and says:

"What time are you in tomorrow mate?"
"I'm not" says I
"Oh God." He calls back "Pain in the ass."
UrbaNebula12 years ago2008-06-14 04:08:30 UTC 1 comment
Remember that little journal entry rant I made a few weeks back? Well...

My new Homepage / Portfolio is online!

It now includes a link to a wordpress blog which is where my new "Talking to myself" entries will be posted. Feel free to drop in and comment if you like. :)
UrbaNebula12 years ago2008-05-17 18:01:06 UTC 5 comments
Talking to Myself: Part.1 of God only knows how many...

I don't expect anyone to read this and even those who do will find the content somewhat lacking in entertainment value. I really have nothing of any interest to talk about.

I am sitting at my desk on a forum I used to visit at least once a day and now only find time for twice a week or so. So why the HELL would I keep a record of my thoughts here? I have no idea. Maybe its just a way for me to vent my various frustrations and other feelings to an audience that might...just as fucked up as I am. Jesus, I sound like a little emo bitch.

Yet here I sit, the last few hours of my week long holiday slipping away, typing every thought that comes into my head, the backspace key still present but unused. Why type out something only to dwell on it before backtracking and sugar coating it for the benefit of the audience, so as not to offend? These are MY thoughts. Why should I allow my own portrayal of cencorship to gag my own opinion? Why should YOU?

I guess what I'm trying to say is do not be afraid to speak your mind, maybe others will speak theirs in return. Don't hide being a facade of numbers or ratings or 1337 sp33k because nobody will take you seriously.

I'm aware that this kind of nonsensical rambling holds no place in an internet forum designated to creative design and production which is exactly the reason I posted it in my journal. I am also painfully aware that this journal entry will have a comment section, which will most likely be filled with flaming and dismissive statements. But if you felt at least a spark of realisation in reading this then stand out from the masses and say something.
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These Journals have been re-opened by a God!
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:thefinger: Shameless Advertising Alert! :thefinger:
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I seem to be jumping from Avatar to Avatar but now I finally have settled. I figured I love my desktop image so much, why not make it my theme. It kinda fits the name Urbanebula in that it looks like nothing else. I think its a mega microscopic image of human blood. I turned it green to suit my XPTheme (now blue) and now I love it.
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Back in the manga scene again.

I'm liking how this one turned out considering it was all done in PSP. :biggrin:
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Can't seem to settle on a logo as of late. Having said that I've just seen the Scrin logo. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!
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PC has suffered a brain fart and is no longer functional. :furious:
UrbaNebula13 years ago2006-12-29 14:25:10 UTC 0 comments
Turned my avatar back to the old manga one. Yay.

I also remade my website. Yay.