UrbaNebula13 years ago2006-12-27 19:59:03 UTC 0 comments
The avatar has changed again! Taken a dark turn though. I just want to point out that regardless of what the avatar states I am not an attention seeking emo. I just happen to like the track that those lyrics are from and I was in a particularly pissed off mood when I made the avatar.
UrbaNebula13 years ago2006-12-05 06:18:43 UTC 0 comments
Day off. Fiancee has been at work since 07.30. Its now 14.30 and still no development happening on KinetiX. I've got a serious case of mappers block! :tired:
UrbaNebula13 years ago2006-11-17 15:45:34 UTC 0 comments
Well, its a quarter to midnight, I have a day off tomorrow, I've got a notebook full of mod related scribble in one hand, a coffee in the other and a blank screen infront of my which will eventually be covered by the internal workings and solids making up the KinetiX disaster scene.

Bangs head on desk we go.
UrbaNebula13 years ago2006-10-31 19:00:34 UTC 0 comments
Fucking internet is so bloody addictive. I need sleep. 3am here in Blighty and I'm loosing control over the droopiness of my head.

Must sleep...Gotta wake up again in 3 hours :zonked:
UrbaNebula13 years ago2006-10-29 15:24:29 UTC 0 comments
Never thought it would happen but source is just too Sexeh1337 to just watch pass by. I must loose my Source mapping virginity. Time to get training.

Well after I get the sodding camera to work. As for now, my Night Elf needs levelling. :D
UrbaNebula14 years ago2006-01-10 03:30:42 UTC 0 comments
Haven't posted for a long time in my journal.

I start my new job in Admin today. Scary stuff. I'm gonna make so many fuck-ups.

At least I can come home at 9 tonight and work on SkyLine City. Gonna do some serious work on the mod over the next week. Expect many screenshots.
UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-04-07 05:55:57 UTC 0 comments
lol. 666 completed maps? wierd.

Hello all from Gran canaria. Going home today though. :(

UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-02-22 04:18:29 UTC 0 comments
I like new maps. Down Stereotypical SariBous. :lol: j/k
UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-02-21 11:26:49 UTC 0 comments
Just realised that i may be board when i succeeded to have the last post in every forum. :zonked:
UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-02-15 01:41:16 UTC 0 comments
OMG! I just played HLywood by SlayerA for the first time. Bloody hilarious. Some good mapping aswell.

I would get on with some mapping but i think i'll just go and pop some heads on CounterSrtike : Source
UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-02-09 13:05:50 UTC 0 comments
Hello Urbanebula! This is your 100th login. Nice!
UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-02-08 01:41:45 UTC 1 comment
Ohhh...journal spam!
UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-02-07 10:25:38 UTC 0 comments
The hell with it. I'll use my manga avatar again. :D
UrbaNebula15 years ago2005-02-07 01:36:00 UTC 0 comments
Wow! Best CS:S score i ever got the other night! 23 kills 10 deaths and 7 headshots in a row with an AK74! :P
UrbaNebula15 years ago2004-10-14 02:31:36 UTC 0 comments
Started writing a mapping log ("My MOD development Hell!") which i will add to my new website soon. Thats not the one i've got displayed at the minute. That webserver is a piece of crap! I'm writing one with HTML. Much more free will that way and no templates. :x