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Half-Life 1: November 19th, 1998 (2 years after Valve's founding in 1996)
Half-Life 2: November 14th, 2004 (5 days short of 6 years later)
HL2 Episode 1: June 1, 2006 (19 months later)
HL2 Episode 2: October 10, 2007 (16 months later)

On October 6th this year we will have passed the longest time between official Half-Life releases.

Now, some crazy speculative mathematics:

Half-Life was completed in nearly 2 years / 24 months. 24 divided by 4 equals 6. Half-Life 2 was developed in nearly 6 years / 72 months. 72 divided by 4 equals 18.
Half-Life 3 will be developed in 18 years (After 2004) so will be released in 2022.

Which means unless Valve does more episodes for HL3, we won't be seeing HL4 until 2076, and if the Fallout Series is to be believed the world will fall to nuclear devastation in 2077. I wonder how many mods will be released before the apocalypse...
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So back in October I started writing a blog from the perspective of a beggar in Skyrim. A beggar who cannot actually beg due to the games limited flexibility with dialogue. The concept was quite similar to the Living in Oblivion and The Elder Strolls blogs by Christ Livingston. I posted 3 days worth back in October, then stopped for some reason.

You can check it out here

The reason I am posting about it now is because during the Steam sale I bought the Hearthfire DLC (allows you to build your own house for those not in the know) and I decided that Bob could try his hand at building his own place, all the while avoiding too much excitement and combat.

Anyway, I would appreciate if you let me know what you think and really if it is worth me spending any more time on it.

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As usual, I'm working on Christmas eve, so as usual, I've driven for an hour to now sit in an empty office and browse the net for 8 hours before the hour drive home again.

Utterly bloody pointless.
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It's in no way professional, but whenever a client calls up because they have an error on their site, it is so tempting to completely over-react over the phone:

"Oh my God! What did you do!? I have never, in all my years as a web developer, seen a site fuck up so royally! This is a disaster. We're going to have to wipe it and start from scratch! Hell, we might need a new god damn server!"

Sigh. A man can dream.
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Appeared on the Dell MSN UK homepage today:

"Man dies as car trapped in floods. What's the weather like near you?"

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Ok, so I had a bit of a rant in the shoutbox about horror mods and the horror genre in general. My opinion of horror over the years has been pretty much tarnished by the constant flow of poorly executed games or mods.

When F.E.A.R came out is when it really started going downhill for me. The combat sections where pretty awesome up to a point but started to get stale. The horror aspect however just bored me to the point of giving up with the game. Some years later the sequel came out and I decided to try the demo. After all, a demo should entice a player to buy the full product right?

It did not go well.

On the modding front, several mods have come out that look promising in the early days but then just fall into the same grungy, dark mess. Jump scares, dark shadowy rooms, using a flashlight all the fucking time so you only ever see 30% of whats in front of you. It's like playing the game with a fucking box on your head with a hole cut in it.

Just a couple of examples here to make my point:

HL2 EP2 Mod: Crypt
User posted image
Darkness, grunge, odd colour filter

HL2 EP2 Mod: Bleak
User posted image
Darkness again, grunge again, fog

HL2 EP2 Mod: Inquietitude
User posted image
Darkness again, fog again

HL2 EP2 Mod: Hellsound Dreams
User posted image
Darkness yet again, grunge again, snore

HL2 EP2 Mod: Lurking
User posted image

I've skipped over some of the terrible ones which popped up, but the screenshots above all have massive praise. Frankly, I can't see shit in any of them.

Does ANYONE know of a horror game which takes place in a NORMAL environment in broad daylight? Something the player can related too and actually feel uneasy about? ANYONE!!?
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I posted a journal some time ago now confessing that I enjoy watching medical examination videos and find them very relaxing, wondering if it was weird.

Well, whether it's weird or not it seems that it is actually more common than I realised. The relaxing sensation is know as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and there are several videos out there with the soul intention being to bring on this sensation. If you ever feel stressed out at any point I highly recommend looking into it.
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I have done a thing, with actual meaning. That is I've recording myself talking, but I make valid points about how mods and games are doing the same shit as everyone else. Then I counteract all those points by stating that I will be making more videos doing the same shit as everyone else.

It's me in the car, without the crazy spinning steering wheel mount I had before
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My audio input just assaulted my audio output. :(
User posted image
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Crappy birthday to me,
crappy birthday to me,
now I'm off to the office,
crappy birthday to me...

(Overslept too...)
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Just took a call from a guy in Houston, Texas who seemed a bit up himself. Can any of the yanks in the local area just pop in and sort him out. Cheers.
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I already posted a link in the Gaming thread but here is just a little explanation. If you've ever read the Living in Oblivion blog by Chris Livingston (author of the Concerned HL2 comic) you should get the grasp of this fairly quickly.

I have started out in the world of Skyrim, completely avoiding the main questline or any other adventurous outing and instead I am looking to make my fortune in other ways. Ways such as alchemy, hunting, fishing etc. If I need to travel I will do so on foot, no fast travelling and no cart hiring. This makes things incredibly dangerous for a man with no weapons, dressed in rags. Day one was pretty successful but has left me with few options for day two, meaning I will most likely have to travel further into the wilderness. This terrifies me.

You can read the blog here

You don't need to sign up to wordpress to post a comment so please do if you enjoy reading it or even if you don't. It would be most appreciated.
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Bit of an SnC classic here, packed with YouTube video and pop culture references from around the time it was created. It is also totally mental and everybody dies.

Sleep is Death SnC flipbook #6

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So, with BF3 currently down in price will any other TWHL members be joining in the fun? The TWHL platoon on Battlelog only has a lowly 10 members? Just think, you could be a part of that AND you get to shoot people in the face.
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As of writing, there are now less than 24 hours before Black Mesa is released. After losing and regaining interest a couple of times during it's development, I am now pretty psyched to think it will be available in less than a days time.


Do you have any plans? Are you just going to sit and power through it in a single session or play a bit at a time, savoring every moment. Are you having a day off work or school to play it? Are you going to record a let's play, or are you planning to review it?

Personally, I will be going to work as normal since the countdown ends at 15:45 for me. Little point in skipping work to wait around all day. What I will do however is give my wife a call in order to start the download as soon as she can. :P

As for playing it, I will no doubt play through it in large chunks, maybe 3 sittings, and I plan on recording gameplay in order to do either a "Gentleman plays" series of 10 minute vids or 3 or 4 short highlights videos with captions and whatnot.

So... do tell...