UrbaNebula7 years ago2011-10-18 05:10:22 UTC 17 comments
Happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
something something something,
and the rest.

Yup, 25 today. Half way to 50, a third of the way to 75...

This makes no sense. Didn't I turn 21 like, a week ago? Stupid time. ¬_¬
UrbaNebula7 years ago2011-10-08 06:27:03 UTC 2 comments
So you may recall my journal post about how Cat + Coca-Cola = Duff Keyboard?

Well the day after that, already depressed due to my inability to game, my friend Digital_Ice bought me a copy of RAGE for my upcoming 25th Birthday. When I informed him that I couldn't play it because my keyboard was dying, he also lent me one for the weekend (getting a new one tomorrow)

Yeah, friends are awesome. :P
UrbaNebula7 years ago2011-10-05 21:00:01 UTC 19 comments
ell thi i a pain in the are. My cat pilled coke all over my keyboard and no ome of the key have topped orking.

Baically, I'm not going to be around much until unday. Look like I'll have to make the mot of my ii or P3 until then. igh

Oh ell, catch you guy later.

(Bonu point to anyone ho can tell hich column of key aren't orking. :P )
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-09-12 17:30:17 UTC 6 comments
I hate Mondays.

This morning when I got to my desk I found a 4 page document which contained all of the things one of my clients disliked about their website which I worked on until 7pm on Friday. I was then informed that the client was coming in at noon and wanted to see the points resolved and the site complete...


Luckily I got a brief moment of joy when the client got stuck on the one way system in Shrewsbury, making them 30 minutes late. I got the site done by 25 past, the client came in, went through it and loved it. One hour later, my MD slipped a £50 into my hand as a bonus.

Figured I'd get myself Deus Ex with the money. Got home to find that the wife has been shopping with her mum and spent £50 on herself, so she offered to buy Deus Ex for me.

I hate Mondays, but today has been awesome!
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-09-11 01:35:34 UTC 6 comments
Ever wondered it's like to play Rainbow 6 Vegas 2? Well this is the coop mode.

Coop makes even the worst game good!
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-09-09 00:00:39 UTC 9 comments
So you know how we used to do Map of the Month here at TWHL? Guess I missed it so I decided to flex my reviewing muscle once again. It may need a couple more attempts to get back into the full swing of things.

Anywho, here is the first of many (maybe) GoldSource mod reviews.

Feel free to link me to any mods you think could do with a good tongue lashing.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-08-28 22:31:34 UTC 13 comments
So if you happen to have passed through the haiku thread recently you'll notice I mentioned a new vlog. I also mentioned how it focuses on cats. You probably don't care.

Anyway Here is a video about my cat.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-08-05 10:47:14 UTC 10 comments
Working in an office just off the town square can certainly have it's benefits. The market is in town today so lunch consisted of dangerous amounts of cheese, meat, batter and cider.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-06-16 10:51:29 UTC 5 comments
Just finished Duke Nukem Forever. I stopped with the playthrough videos because it was prolonging the experience and taking an age to render and upload the videos between each session.

If you want to watch playthroughs then there are hundreds of others online which are already played the whole way through.

Also FYI, the game gets progressively worse towards the end and I cannot recommend it to anyone.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-06-14 18:15:06 UTC 2 comments
Archie's recent GTAIV video did not demonstrate clearly enough how much I seem to hate my own face. Here are some more clips from the same session.

"Yes, I AM responsible for this head blood.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-06-12 09:27:32 UTC 20 comments
On the fence about buying Duke Nukem Forever or just simply not getting it?

Why not watch the SnC Playthrough starring myself. Experience the game without paying a penny. :D

Part 1 here

(Yes I need a widescreen monitor and yes the apparent HD render fucked up because I need a widescreen monitor.)
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-06-05 18:36:54 UTC 18 comments
User posted image
Apparently I did a thing yesterday and I have a wife now. What are the odds. :P

( And no, it wasn't a bhuddist ceremony... seriously )

Anyway yeah, I got married. Go me!
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-05-04 07:02:13 UTC 6 comments
Happy Star Wars day TWHL.

May the 4th be with you.
UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-04-05 09:47:54 UTC 7 comments
Dream Time

Bit of back story...
I am very fond of cats and as such, own a cat. I also live on a main road which travels from one county to another and as such is very busy. 2 years ago I learned the hard way that the 2 things do not mix and my relatively new cat, Mizzi, was knocked down and killed.
My new cat has been a house cat for 2 years to the point where the concept of going outside absolutely terrifies him. You open any of the doors and he shoots upstairs and out of sight. If he needs to go out (to the vets, in his cat box) he usually tenses up and pisses himself (literally)

The Dream
I am standing in my kitchen and I am quite aware that my cat is outside scratching the door and trying quite desperately to get into the house. I let him in, quite confused about the fact he was out there. He comes in and casually strolls into the house and up the stairs. I then watch as exactly 12 clones of him wander in and follow him up the stairs. This apparently does not phase me.
A few moments later, I hear a shriek from up the stairs. It is my fiancée. She then storms into the kitchen, looks me straight in the eye, as if I have gone completely mental. She then shouts, at the absolute top of her voice:
I run up the stairs and find the 12 cats, (now quite obviously foxes) ripping my poor cat to shreds. I stroll back down the stairs, rather aloof to the whole situation and respond to the misses. "Fuck, I have no idea..."

Then I woke up...

UrbaNebula8 years ago2011-02-20 17:04:00 UTC 12 comments
5 mods that people need to stop making

The 'Horror' Mod
Dark hallways, small quantities of weapons and ammo, cheap scare tactics. There are so many so called "horror" mods already out there and very few of them actually manage to pull it off. Far too many people are using darkness as a scare tactic, whereas for the most part, it is just annoying and disorienting.

The Zombie Mod
They Hunger did it well. They Hunger 2 and 3 got old fast. Every other zombie mod since then has been dire. Zombies are all well and good but there is little variety in the combat throughout. Slow shambling enemies make for slow shambling mods.

The engine upgrade / downgrade mod
Black Mesa looked incredible back in the day but now the level design is starting to show its age before the mod has even been released. Then there are the ones that go for the opposite approach. Take a new game and remake in for the old engine. The word 'downgrade' is rarely a good thing and more often than not implies that the 'latest' version is not stable enough to work with. HL2 works fine on it's current 7 year old. HL2 would not work fine on an engine that is 7 years older than that.

The Halo cross over mod
Nobody wants to play Halo in the Half-Life engine. Nobody wants to play Halo in the C&C Generals engine. Nobody wants to play Halo in the Homeworld engine. Nobody wants to play Halo on the GTA:San Andreas engine. This doesn't just apply to Halo, but it's certainly the most common culprit.

The "realism" mod
Mods that claim to bring realism to a game never EVER do. Real world weapons? That's a model pack. Better textures? That's a texture pack. Updated sounds? I... I have no idea what the hell that is, but it is not a mod. A true realism mod would make bullet impacts inflict more damage, resulting in instant death or bleed-outs. Health kits would be removed and instead, wounds would need to be tended to by a doctor / surgeon. Fall damage would result in broken / sprained limbs, reducing speed and inflicting pain damage the more you move around. All of this would make most games impossible. HL1 for example, Freeman would not be able to enter the test chamber because his suit is lacking a helmet. If he did, as soon as the experiment starts, he would drop dead of radiation poisoning.

There are probably more, but these are the main culprits...

Don't FUCKING post then.