Cpl.1nsane15 years ago2006-02-09 04:37:39 UTC 0 comments
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2005-07-22 04:53:32 UTC 0 comments
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2005-06-13 05:20:56 UTC 0 comments
C..C.. Corporal Insano
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2005-04-25 02:18:27 UTC 0 comments
wow i joined TWHL 644 days ago! :D
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2005-04-05 03:50:03 UTC 0 comments
The what what in the what what?
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2005-01-28 04:57:15 UTC 0 comments
:nuts: :nuts: :)
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2004-11-16 02:56:18 UTC 0 comments
Mmmm hl2 is amazing
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2004-10-18 03:41:42 UTC 0 comments
yay i got a job with the mod Water Wars !!
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2004-10-08 03:54:35 UTC 0 comments
CURSE APPLE!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
Cpl.1nsane16 years ago2004-09-21 06:12:32 UTC 1 comment
BAHHH I HATE EMACS!!!! and apple.. and everthing that is associated with them. Just look at my avatar! :nuts: :nuts:
Cpl.1nsane17 years ago2004-08-24 12:00:43 UTC 0 comments
At last i shall have my new pc !!!
Cpl.1nsane17 years ago2004-08-19 11:44:46 UTC 0 comments
Im crazyier than a coconut :nuts: :badass:
Cpl.1nsane17 years ago2004-08-15 09:17:04 UTC 0 comments
Drools over new hl2 screenies
Cpl.1nsane17 years ago2004-07-22 12:05:51 UTC 0 comments
w00t sites up