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Trying-to-get-to-university update #idontcareanymore

Just saying. Unconditional offer from edinburgh. Clean slate of unconditionals, so goddamn happy right now.
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The past few days have been quite fun, found out that one of my closest friend's life is going to be completely fucked up.

Her step-dad abused her when she was younger, but she didn't tell anyone apart from a few days ago when She told her doctor - she went to them to see if they could do something about her self-harming scars. Because she has a younger sister that she's worried about, the doctor went and told the police.

Today, her step-dad's been taken away and her mum was told about the matter. Her mum will have to quit university, and probably move to somewhere that's cheaper to live as her step-dad was the only source of income.

If only I could've punched him in the face when I stayed over at her house.
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Trying to go to university update #3
Unconditional from Glasgow, and Heriot-watt have changed my course from computational physics to standard physics because the course isn't actually being done anymore... that's a bit stupid like.
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I hate lockerbie.

I go there every Wednesday to do advanced higher physics, and it turns out that one of my classmates there gets to go to america for a year, gets basically free money and is spoon fed a shit tonne of stuff to do simply because some asshole crashed a plane there before he was even born.

I wish moffat had a plane crash 20 years ago as well.
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Unconditional to aberdeen for physics as well..
keeping dem fingers crossed for the burgh
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So me and my drunk friends decided that going to midnight mass would be a good idea..

we're all atheist, and we went in , at the minute the reverend said "And let us be silent as we listen to the bells of christmas", and one of our friends was laughing hysterically. We left shortly afterwards.
It's fun being young
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Trying to go to university update #1:

Got an unconditional from Aberdeen to do physics F303. Still got edinburgh and heriot-watt as my first choices, but i've heard dundee's night life ( you'll learn about this later dimbark ) is amazing. mate went up yesterday, got severely destroyed.
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Sent out university applications, shit's getting real.

Computational Physics @ Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt ( First choices)

Physics @ Dundee, Glasgow & Aberdeen

Fingers crossed I get into edinburgh, 4 A's and a B should be enough.
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Christ I'm buzzing for borderlands 2 to come out. My friend and I have both booked off of work to play the absolute shit out of it when it comes out.

I'm surprised I have a social life
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Ouya console?
Ouya twat.
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The wickerman festival is actually so good.

Something I don't usually do are blog-like journals, so I might as well go into some detail about it :)

The whole event is situated around the Wicker man - yeah, the old (and terrible new one with Nicolas Cage in) film of the crazy pagans. And being crazy pagans, the festival has a lovely alternative touch to it. The place has got a couple of tents; the Reggae tent ( with sound provided by Axis sound systems- the bass there was a LOT louder than the actual dance tents, and was a pain in the fucking ass trying to sleep with that reggae thumping in the background ), the acoustic village, the Solus tent for newer bands, Go North tent for smaller bands, the Scooter tent for the intermediate level bands ( Bad Manners were playing; they are a Ska band and they are bloody good) and there's the main stage for the headliners to play at. Relatively lesser known bands such as Xavia were playing in the Go North, whilst some bands like the Leve11ers ( who in my opinion sucked arse, I hate music that combines traditional and modern.) played the main stage throughout.

Highlights had to be The View and Newton Faulkner playing on the main stage. Newton was good for me as I pretty much used to religiously listen to his stuff and was great to sing along with him, and see his eyes light up when a tonne of people were just shouting along with him. Also he's a fucking badass for stopping halfway through a song to get a kid who'd lost his parents to come up onto the stage, as well as having a 5-minute timeout after a song to make a cup of tea on stage. Bad ass.
The only song I know that the view have done is Same Jeans, so I sung along to that as much as I could. That is, when I wasn't being crushed to fuck by the INSANE moshpit that took up pretty much half of crowd, and led to one of my best mates having a panic attack. Grand.
Texas was the band to play when the wickerman was set alight, but I had no interest in that so instead I decided to go dance in the dance tent along with all the junkies wrecked off of eccies and getting off with everything with a heartbeat. Apart from me. Heh.

Apart from the music side, it was fucking amazing. I'm usually not that sociable; I'm not great speaking to new people. However once i'd had a couple beers down me, I'd pretty much introduced myself to the whole of kirkcudbright, and I'd somehow managed to create a massive drinking game of about 30 people at our tents, most of which we had no recollection of even inviting. We'd also managed to pick a great place to camp; our group's tents were pretty close to a relatively large and illuminated medical tent - it was in the perfect spot between the arena entrance, exit , and the disgustingly filthy portaloos. At one point we'd managed to have someone come into our tents to attempt to steal something but we gave them a good speaking to (aka. told them to fuck off or we'd beat the shit out of them). Again, we'd had someone elses' tent collapse onto ours and I managed to fall asleep standing up.
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All in all, it's really damn good. Sure, it's no T in the park, but Wickerman is definitely more about having a good time and social than T as it's a lot more lenient (I was wearing an under 18's wristband, was almost paraletic one night and the warden let me through into the arena fine, yet someone, again under 18, a lot more sober than me had been pulled to the side to be questioned for drinking - but the warden just went "well don't cause trouble, k?" and let him though ) and T is more about the musicians and bands.

Also for any UK TWHLers, I've managed to get myself on Don't tell the bride, as one of the participants of it decided to propose and get married at the event, and came onto the stage just after Newton with a massive camera crew following him. As I was right in the centre , at the front, practically staring into the camera, i'd like it if you could tune into the next episode :)

Archie & Urby, you'd better be coming in 2013

*fixing grammar, I realise that half of my sentences don't actually make sense.
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I genuinely hate the fact that my brain can process emotional thoughts. I'd rather be heartless cold asshole than an emotional twat to be honest. Fuck feelings.
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Looking back to my first couple of journal posts and wondering what possessed me to write such drivel. It's also a perfect example of why pre-pubescent children should be barred from the internet.
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How incredibly coincidental that my hard drive dies at the same time my exams begin to start.. maybe I should do some revision for once... exams have already started. Grand.
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Women are seriously one of the most confusing things I have ever interacted with.
Homosexuality is an alternative I am seriously consdering...