Instant Mix12 years ago2008-02-18 14:20:03 UTC 1 comment
Well fucking shit.
I am such a shit at mapping.
Anyway ,I've kinda lost interest into mapping, but at the occasional time I might post some GMOD Maps i am creating.
Goldsource sucks.
Source is easier due to effects and shit combine with the texture.
We are Sooooo spoilt nowadays.
Instant Mix13 years ago2006-09-05 23:22:43 UTC 0 comments
Hello Mr.Good Map! This is your 265th login. : I made my first source map! Its kinda sh*t , but at least its very similar so i can kinda handle it. :D
Instant Mix13 years ago2006-04-17 05:27:36 UTC 0 comments
Alton Towerz iz well ace just go!!! Plz go go go go go there!!!!!
Instant Mix13 years ago2006-02-26 13:28:25 UTC 0 comments
Hey! 210 , i'm in the hundreds , just 64 days i've been off!!! :heart:
Oh uh...... ...... ...... ... Aww jesus..../. :thefinger: :thefinger:
Instant Mix14 years ago2006-01-21 06:52:57 UTC 0 comments
Hello Mr.Good Map! This is your 190th login. :|
Instant Mix14 years ago2006-01-13 08:43:01 UTC 0 comments
I've finally got HL2 and instead of mapping i'm in LURV with Garry'sMod , Thgough i don't think The pictures shopul all be the Red + Black / Null texture though! :aghast: also , it's my 183rd Login , And i'm NOT a true TWHLer!( just everyone says 20 is a true twhler , but no , 1500 is a true TWHLer!)
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-12-31 14:21:57 UTC 0 comments
:nuts: :nuts: I am going to eat peanut crakerz hauytrwea*squrcht*
fzzt. :nuts: :nuts: :zonked: Oh crap Shit Talker just Gone Mental.Still , my map ' WRECH ' is getting along and my dm_hoverdoom map is coming good.Also me (read this twice!)AUSTRALIAN friend Zac Made an igloo tiny bit o' snow with a hole in it. So far the winter has'nt been good and i did have a Very Merry Christmas.So... uhh.. NUKE THE TALIBAN / AL QUEADI / ANY ASS TERRORIST GROUP! :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: here comes Duke Nukem!
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-11-22 09:17:11 UTC 0 comments
Everything is bo-ring. Still , In the uk apparently its gunna be one heck of a Winter.So , umm , something to look forward to!
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-10-09 03:31:14 UTC 0 comments
93rd login , 7 to go till weak bronze stage. Still , Im .. Go on this link , the vidieos are funny [link][/link]
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-08-31 06:59:47 UTC 0 comments
Happy BDay 7th! Have a great Birthday! :D
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-08-03 02:31:43 UTC 0 comments
heh , umm , i am updating from an internet caf? in france at this crazy theme park called futuroscope bye! by the way these french keyboards are crap!
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-07-22 00:06:32 UTC 0 comments
Well , This is gunna be the last of me for 2 weeks, i'm going to france.(seventh , spag..YAY).So See ya , leavin today and iot's my Fiftieeth login!
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-06-27 11:54:26 UTC 0 comments
Ahh, just had my 'Sports Day' phht I shoulda got second and the teachers gave a person who came fourth second .I still say That wasd mine!!!.Still it was crap.Had a go on Samurai Warriors :: Extreme Legends.Nick kicked me off it -Nick is J-U-S-T Evil to me- :o
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-06-26 05:29:57 UTC 1 comment
Ahem... Hello Mr.Good Map! This is your 27th login. :P
Instant Mix14 years ago2005-06-07 08:31:30 UTC 0 comments
And.....i'm not in P.7......I'm in P.5...........Oerr.... :zonked: