alexb91114 years ago2008-06-16 14:15:18 UTC 2 comments
Finally got around to setting up a domain - been wanting to for a while.

Sod all on there on the moment and using a free template, but it's going to be a side project for me over the summer.
alexb91115 years ago2008-02-27 19:05:19 UTC 0 comments
1001 days at TWHL! How time flies, it feels like only yesterday that I was attempting to use Hammer 3.4 to map for Source, and complaining avidly that it wouldn't work! :) ...How Shameful!

But seriously, I've had a great time here, and plan to stick around for as long as possible... or until I post a dramatic "I'M LEAVING - YOU CAN'T STOP ME" thread, complaining about how the community here is deteriorating, blah, blah, blah...

This place is great, we're a friendly bunch (generally), and the work put into TWHL3 is outstanding, and much appreciated all around, not that I need to point that out.

I'll end my rant here. I'm pissed off anyway because I wanted to post this yesterday on the 1000 mark! :)
alexb91115 years ago2008-02-23 10:32:24 UTC 0 comments
Well I've had a good poke around TWHL3, and things are looking sweeeeeeeeeet! Awesome job guys!!!
alexb91115 years ago2007-10-29 15:12:53 UTC 0 comments
Whoa... over a year since my last entry. Anyway, important news. I'm 18 tomorrow, yeah, thats right. I may have to actually start acting like an adult.................. :(

E-cake is expected.
alexb91117 years ago2006-03-25 07:37:59 UTC 0 comments
Yeah... PS3 for November Launch Worldwide!!! :biggrin:
alexb91117 years ago2006-02-23 13:47:33 UTC 0 comments
User posted image
alexb91117 years ago2005-12-17 06:53:49 UTC 0 comments
yeah.... new christmas av!!! w00t!!!! :biggrin:
alexb91117 years ago2005-11-26 14:44:47 UTC 0 comments
starting 2nd room of "THE ARENA" tomorrow... i can hardly wait. (sarcasm) It didn't seem as popular as I expected... well hoped! :(
alexb91117 years ago2005-11-22 11:23:40 UTC 0 comments
Im starting to agree with everyone about spammers and crap threads... its just getting stupid. We need to do something about it... just not sure what. :/
alexb91117 years ago2005-11-19 14:43:38 UTC 0 comments
Download "THE ARENA" - ROOM 1 Today in the map vault!!

Map 1 of hopefully many, incoperating ideas from everyone on TWHL (if you have ideas!)

6 Challenges in the first map - EnJoY!!!! :biggrin:
alexb91117 years ago2005-11-11 09:01:10 UTC 0 comments
w00t! I came 2nd in Test Chamber Competition! OH YEAH BABY... work it!! Ill stop now... :glad:
alexb91117 years ago2005-11-09 07:31:40 UTC 0 comments
I WANT COMPETITION RESULTS.... sorry seventh, just getting a little aggivated...
alexb91117 years ago2005-10-29 07:41:11 UTC 0 comments
yeah... b-day 2moro. I RULEZ THE WORLD :biggrin:
alexb91117 years ago2005-10-27 12:36:54 UTC 0 comments
w00t!! my tutorial has been done. Cheers alot Seventh - you da man!! :cool:
alexb91117 years ago2005-10-25 02:56:32 UTC 0 comments
NOOOOO!!! Only ten days left until hand-in time. BUSTED! :biggrin: