Dizzy Devil14 years ago2006-05-01 23:48:16 UTC 0 comments
DDHLP just started thier own Mapping Contest.


Or Check out
Dizzy Devil14 years ago2005-11-07 17:02:49 UTC 0 comments
Well it has been awhile...

Got a map coming up.

Be my first HLDM conversion from CS.

Hope it turns out OK.
Dizzy Devil14 years ago2005-09-05 12:07:02 UTC 0 comments
Just finished another map. Check out the complete maps for ApartmentRats here
Dizzy Devil14 years ago2005-08-29 11:03:23 UTC 0 comments
WOW!!! I was going ove my maps that I uploaded. I know very few. However everone must really like the PacmanHL I created about a year ago. Thanx for all your comments on that map. Look forward to your comments after I finish the map I am working now. It seems completed. just going through a few hard core runs. Hop to have it out soon.
Dizzy Devil15 years ago2005-05-01 16:08:13 UTC 0 comments
About ready to release another map.

This is going to be a rats style map.

Stop by here to gett a little help.
Dizzy Devil15 years ago2004-09-27 18:17:37 UTC 0 comments
I know I have not been in here for a while. Yes, I am still alive. Though it does not feel like it. I you remember last march my wife had a baby. Since that time I have been taking care of him and work ahd gotten very hectic.

Well now I am back and mapping again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dizzy Devil16 years ago2004-04-30 22:08:50 UTC 0 comments
Wahooo 800th login )
Dizzy Devil16 years ago2004-03-18 13:42:12 UTC 4 comments
Just Release my latest map. PacManHL.

Check it out
Dizzy Devil16 years ago2004-02-17 03:26:59 UTC 0 comments
Doing my first Rats map.... Going well right now. Cool trap setup in the TV. Have to tell you about it sometime :P
Dizzy Devil16 years ago2004-01-07 05:03:59 UTC 0 comments
OK it is as completed as I can get it. Shotgun_Canyon is done!!!!

I made my own RES file toooo!! Ain't that special? :P :P

If you read the .txt file you will know why I created this small DM map for HL. :badass:

Check it out
Dizzy Devil16 years ago2003-12-15 19:31:51 UTC 1 comment
What to type... What to type?????? :P :P
Dizzy Devil16 years ago2003-10-24 23:19:33 UTC 8 comments
I am a n00b at mapping. I run a HLDS server and now want to map my own custom maps for my server.