Striker14 years ago2008-11-26 18:13:30 UTC 8 comments
I started source mapping ! It's pretty hard , and if you're a beginner it sound like a better idea to start hl1 mapping first .

And even though I'm expert in hl1 mapping(not from the point of view of arhitectural design and these kind of stuff) I surely lack of knowledge when it comes to source mapping.

But today I made a test map and I tried and succeded to make a door !!! :
User posted image
So I was like "Omg this is ultra-cool" and I just stand there and open/close the door tens of times .

Well, yeah , anyway look at it ! It's soooo cute !!! I love it !

[EDIT] Oh ummm , I was very happy about my new video card because I can play all the actual games at full detail without framerates lower than 15 FPS.
But when I saw this..........
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Colin Mcrae: Dirt2 .

Oh my god now I have to lower the resolution again !!! Argh X(

Not that the game will actualy look like this, but they're aiming for it . Wow...

[EDIT2] Well honestly, Code Masters is the new shit. Dirt,Grid ,Toca ... this are epic titles.In comparison with EA they're way much better. When I think of NFS I just think at Underground-That's all. But EA has succesfully installed failure in all of their new NFSs ...
Prostreet was like StupidStreet and now NFS UnderShit ....
Striker14 years ago2008-11-15 16:25:03 UTC 7 comments
Hey , I've been doing some experiments with my computer because it sometimes crashed. I scanned it with memtest but they are error-free.
I defragmented, downloaded the latest video drivers, virus-scans, used some maintenance programs etc...
And it still crashed(not often).
Well, today I made a a simple test.

1.Turn on the computer, open BIOS, let it warm a at about 30 degrees C.
2.Turn on the computer, don't open BIOS for warming.
I repeated this several times. I did this when it was cold in my room, because it's usually cold in my room when I begin my PC activity.

So what are the results of these tests ?
When I applied 1, it never crashed.
When I applied 2, it always crashed.

So this is kinda weird...

Hey, I got GMOD at last !!! Here's a pic of what I made using wiremod( I modified an airboat)
User posted image
When you enter the airboat, the lights go on, and if you right-click a police siren can be heared and a wire-made police lights can be seen.
Striker14 years ago2008-09-14 15:45:18 UTC 8 comments
Sven Coop Campaign

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum , but I'm all outta good drivers .
Well , that's my story in a short line .
But the enthusiasm reappears in me , and I want to finish the Sven Coop Campaign . I have 2 maps done , and the third one started .
When I finish that too , all I have to do is learn again (2 months without mapping !! ) how to use the trigger_changelevel and info_landmark ..... and make the maps seamless or what ...

Here's a sample video of the beginning of the second map .


Note : You even don't see an entrance in that room . That's what I was talking , I didn't made that seamless yet ...

[EDIT] You'll see a small blue laser beam . That's a path for the sven coop bots ( I have my f9 button binded to it , and I also use f9 for Fraps)
Striker14 years ago2008-09-12 05:35:11 UTC 5 comments
As I promised , I will post one more GIF . I'm not bored anymore , so you'll not see gifs from me for a long time .

Here's the gif . I think it shows up faster in ff than in windows's fax viewer .
User posted image
Striker14 years ago2008-09-02 13:54:52 UTC 55 comments
Hey guys . I made another 4 gifs . Hope you like them a bit ...

1 . SuperStickMan 1
User posted image
2 . SuperStickMan 2
User posted image
3 TWHL Creation 1
User posted image
4 TWHL Creation 2
User posted image
Striker14 years ago2008-09-01 17:36:02 UTC 15 comments
I downloaded the Ulead Gif animator program and I made my first 100-frames animation in paint !
User posted image
Next level at <......> 500 frames , I'll post that too .

[EDIT] Lol it shows up much more faster in firefox than in windows :|
Striker14 years ago2008-08-31 14:22:56 UTC 27 comments
Today a historical event happened on my computer !
User posted image
Striker14 years ago2008-08-19 14:18:36 UTC 4 comments
As with the new ISP and 6 mb/s I can afford to make a server.
My IP is Dynamic , so I made a DNS subdomain and downloaded a small program to update my IP change .

Here's the DNS adress :

So , to connect to my server , you would open the console and type connect

P.S. I made it a CS Map test server because the majority are making cs 1.6 maps ( trust me).

I will also need an experienced member's help . My skype ID is marcel_iubarel08 .(to see if the server is actually working , making him admin , plugins etc etc ....)

The server is running AmxModx , Respawn ( testing maps , duh ....) , SentryMod and a bunch of plugins .

[EDIT] Keep in mind , my time zone is GMT +2 . ( so if in UK is 19:00 pm , in my country it's 21:00 )
Striker14 years ago2008-08-18 17:50:10 UTC 12 comments
I just descovered a new awesome formation .
It's called "Alizee" . Beautiful songs , really !
Here's one of them :

Jen ai marre

I now feel very sorry for my basic french . The melody is beautiful . I'll learn more french ( erm , 1 month and school begins :)) )
Striker14 years ago2008-08-09 17:33:04 UTC 4 comments
Problems over problems . The SvenCoop Campaign should have been finished over 2 moths ago . But , I bought a new video card , the mighty Ati Radeon HD 4850 and it's drivers can't handle correctly hammer 3.5 . But I can play games at a much more higher quality :) :) .
In the mean time , I made a wordpress blog with my funny DIY stuff.
Here's a link :
Of course , it's in romanian ( maybe I'll consider doing something in english when the Romanian population will drop under 10 million =)) . Now it's around 20 million , but I don't think that will happen unless a fucking disease strikes out .)
Oke , see you soon JOURNAL !
Striker14 years ago2008-06-02 15:33:32 UTC 14 comments
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
I found these images on my HDD . They're with my old computer ( pentium 2 ) . You will obviously notice the clothes on the computer =)) . It is really cold in that room when it's winter ( the computer is at my grandmother's house) and the computer won't boot :))
Striker14 years ago2008-06-02 07:39:15 UTC 4 comments
Hi everyone , I decided to update my site and make it a portofolio site . OK . The site is quite ugly , and I don;t have only 40 Mb of disk space :( .

Anyway , in this summer I'm gonna make a site and upload it on a freehosting website ( I know some site ... something with "freetzi" it gives you 500 MB !!!! )

Anyway , I'll add more content soon , but please see it and tell me if it's a little nice . I'll add some widgets too .
Striker14 years ago2008-05-27 12:38:14 UTC 12 comments
now i really fell baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad . try to come here with an idea and then you feel like somebody yells at you " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

What the heck ?
Striker14 years ago2008-05-27 07:11:17 UTC 6 comments
This is your 1035th login. Congrats .
Striker14 years ago2008-05-23 17:15:52 UTC 7 comments
It's amazing what power has the null texture . I didn't even knew . I'm talking about my campaign in sven coop. I just said ...I'll try and see if it'll really reduce the r_speeds. Not only my r_speeds were reduced by half in some areas , but my compile time is fucking fast !!!! So may this be a lesson for all of you who don't have this behaviour : null every outside face of the map .

And cuz I was talking about my campaign ...... I'll say it again : the map is almost finished , but I'm working on a complex mechanism now . I must say the map is fully interactive and fun . You won't have time to be bored ;) . Even like so , the map can be completed in aprox 15 minutes if you're expert .... or , let's say 40 minutes if you're noob . I can completed it myself in less than 15 minutes but I used the impulse code and the god code .

Should I release the map when it's finished or wait till' the second map ?