Striker10 years ago2012-09-25 13:19:52 UTC 4 comments
So I just finished Rochard. This is a 3D platformer.
User posted image
It was quite a nice blend of action and puzzle solving. It teaches you to inventively use the environment at your advantage. I enjoyed playing it, and honestly I didn't get bored almost at all.
The gameplay mechanics center around the G-Lifter, gravity and shooting. The game is a constant shuffle of "if you can't do this with that, you can do it with the other thing".

The graphics and environment are really nice, and not demanding. As a term of comparison, it's TF2-like cartoon style. It was made on the Unity engine.

I do have some objections though. While the story has potential, I think the dialog part was a bit neglected. Rochard is a funny fluffy guy, but his lines seem a bit cheesy at times.
Now I don't know if the team got inspired from HL2 or not, but the G-Lifter has some striking similarities with the Gravity Gun. It picks up objects and can throw them. But I was convinced this is a Gravity Gun copy when Rochard picks up "Helga", an old G-Lifter model that can pick up anything- including bio-matter( the soldiers). Uh-hm.

Also, I tried collecting a most of the "Gold Collectibles", although didn't succeed. Please don't tell me this is only for an achievement? That's not nice!

All in all, I liked the game, it could be better, but hey, it's an indie! I recommend it( got it through Humble Indie Bundle 6).
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Screenshot not by me
Striker10 years ago2012-09-16 10:38:02 UTC 1 comment
This is probably the longest article I've written in a while.

Black Mesa Source review.

Warning: lots of images.
Striker10 years ago2012-09-14 17:23:30 UTC 22 comments
BMS download complete. Installation completed.

Opening game now.
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I think I'm spending more time looking at props and admiring walls than actually progressing the game. I'm like a laughing baby right now!


[EDIT 2] Seems like when I start the Apprehension campaign the mod crashes.
Striker10 years ago2012-09-10 19:38:51 UTC 4 comments
Normal Mapping Tutorial - I probably made this for the community, but I'm sure I also created it for me. I tend to forget how to work with textures and how to make bump maps, so this video will be a useful reference in the future.

I've used GIMP, the normal map plugin for Gimp and VTFedit. It's 7 minutes long.

For those of you who lack a good internet connection, let me warn you: it is available in glorious FullHD resolution. I am just normally linking the video here, so it will probably take you to the 480p version :P.

Source Normal(Bump) Mapping Tutorial
Striker10 years ago2012-09-03 21:47:43 UTC 4 comments
An idea came up to my mind today.

Let's see if you like the pilot "news": TWHL News.

[EDIT] Published new "news": Uncontrolled experiment on the verge to cause an unnatural disaster?

I disabled the access to search engines, so the site is pretty much private unless it's linked to.
I'd like some tagline suggestions.

I said this is a "pilot news" because I suspect some people won't appreciate this. If this things proves to be entertaining, I'd like to add more authors( I still have to study the art of making news, especially... pamphlets, which require a vast knowledge of quotidian culture).
Striker10 years ago2012-08-24 15:05:27 UTC 11 comments
Tetsu0 is not the only one to suffer a stupid accident. I was at the pool today. I even jumped in it, and I managed not to hit my head.
Then I said I'm going to swim under the water. I thrusted myself, without knowing, downwards.

I hit hard the bottom of the pool with my nose, scratching the surface with it. Bleed, the area is a bit swollen, put some ice, went home.

Head-desk. Softly.
Striker10 years ago2012-08-15 12:51:32 UTC 16 comments
Wrote a few thoughts about the new CS, as well as making 4 map comparisons between the 3 CS games.

Striker10 years ago2012-08-07 18:20:21 UTC 5 comments
There was a time when I was better at multiplayer FPS games, and even then I wasn't exceptional, just better than average. Now, I mostly play for fun, and from time to time. Perhaps nostalgia made me do this. I secured my copy.
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Striker10 years ago2012-07-27 19:12:51 UTC 3 comments
Enjoy my mouse.
Striker10 years ago2012-07-15 17:56:08 UTC 5 comments
Hey, do you know any software/site that helps in solving problems or learning math? I'm talking about something like wolframalpha. The problem is that it doesn't solve always correctly, or doesn't always display the solution.

I'm bad at integrals :(.
Striker10 years ago2012-06-22 04:44:58 UTC 7 comments
I just ate some pickled herrings. For some days I had an enormous crave for them. They taste awesome!
I would also like to try some surstromming, but that stuff is incredily hard to find.
Striker10 years ago2012-06-19 13:08:37 UTC 16 comments
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Striker10 years ago2012-06-15 11:40:43 UTC 4 comments
The magic finger: Video Link
(and for members like DiscoStu: no, I will not be shoving down your throat 720p quality, you choose the quality :P).

This is just a little experimentation with camera movements. Done because I hadn't something else better to do( what a lie, I actually had, but at least this helped get rid of procrastination).

[EDIT] In the making:
User posted image
If you wonder how I did the smooth shot around the bullet as it traveled, here's how I did it: the cameras and the bullet( a thruster) are actually attached to an invisible bar that goes along a slider.
[EDIT] Oh shit, I just realized there's a children's book with this name. I better change the title.
Striker10 years ago2012-06-03 23:05:55 UTC 38 comments
Well I tried smoking. I felt really bad, psychologically speaking, as if I violated on one of my principles... but to be honest, I knew that someday I'd have to satisfy this curiosity.

I concluded that it's nothing really special, other than having the traditional effects of a first-time smoker like feeling a bit high. I've read that nicotine actually has some of the caffeine effects, like making you feel more focused and aware(although I don't understand how that works when you're actually also inhaling carbon monoxide, which basically disrupts the hemoglobin's ability to carry oxygen).
It's more of a social thing in my perception...

I still have some questions though. How do you actually inhale the smoke? I'm confused on this apparently simple part. Do I suck the smoke in my mouth, get out the cigarette, and then inhale air? Or do I directly inhale the smoke in my lungs?

I also tried cigarettes with no filter(those that look like a cigar). Holy crap, those blasted me.

And another issue, what's so wrong with cigars(it's easy in English to confuse cigars for cigarettes, at least for me) that you must not inhale the smoke into your lungs? What's the point of smoking a cigar then?

What are the best type of cigarettes when you want something more special? I've heard about vanilla or menthol aroma ones... what about brands?

I feel weird...
[EDIT] Ah, almost forgot about this! What about effective methods of getting rid of cigarette smoke, especially on the fingers?
Striker10 years ago2012-06-01 08:55:00 UTC 16 comments
Well, I just graduated high-school today. In the next weeks I'll be going to different exams for the baccalaureate. Wish me luck!

Gosh, it was an odd combination of tears, happiness and sadness... It's hard to accept the fact that we leave our colleagues, our second family...