Spike11 years ago2008-10-17 18:15:14 UTC 36 comments
Volumetric wave
User posted image
Real time reflections:
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User posted image
Inside the tube:
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Spike11 years ago2008-09-29 17:20:23 UTC 11 comments
My last creations, 2 large (very large!) trees I've made for TF2 (ep2 engine), I'm very sattisfied with them because they look very TF2-ish and the shadows it makes on the leaves are "realistic". I'm also very sattisfied because it really feels like a dense leaves, on the second one you can't see the sky from below. And they're not too high poly, 6k each one (aprox). But I'm going to do lots of lod models so it will go from 3k to 6k.

Pics of the first one, which I like the most and you can climb on it because the trunk is sliced:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
2nd tree:
User posted image
Oh yes I forgot to say textures are ripped from Crysis and modified (to a TF2 style). Don't blame me for doing that.
Spike11 years ago2008-09-21 18:06:40 UTC 24 comments
Fuck Source

I've had 2 great ideas for CSS fun maps, but I can't make them because Valve don't want to make correct things.

First, why didn't they put the vehicle/buggy code into CSS to allow custom mappers to have a lot more of possibilities?

2nd, why can't you see yourself on 3rd view?.

I wanted to make mario kart race maps controlling Gman into the buggy, father Grigori into a driveable bath, Gordon Freeman riding a Combine Advisor, etc etc. And I can't because physics mess up the vehicles.

And as a secondary idea, I've had the idea of making LittleBigPlanet cooperation maps, but when I set the point_viewcontrol camera I can't see myself.
User posted image
Any fix? I think no.
Spike11 years ago2008-08-13 18:34:48 UTC 5 comments
"Good day,I am Mr.Jyu Ben,managinig director of JYU BEN WOODWORK CO,LTD CHINA. We are a trading company that is into the import and export of goods like furniture,industrial,and office equipment,we export these furniture equipments to North America, Sout America and all over Europe. Owing to the large amount of clients that we have in the North and South American Region,we are having difficulty in reaching all of them, therefore we decided to employ representatives in North America, Canada,all states in U.S.A, to help us get to our clients. As our representative, you shall serve as a link between us and our clients and you will also be responsible for the collection of payments on our behalf.Note: that you shall have a 10% commission for every payment that you collect on our behalf. Please if you are interested, send in your information for more details.Subject to your response, we shall have our company's attorney draft out an agreement to seal up this contract.Best Regards,Mr. Jyu Ben "

Should I answer???

I'd earnz lotz of moniiiiiii!
Spike11 years ago2008-08-02 17:27:55 UTC 2 comments
Wow, this last night has been a mad night. I went out with friends and I drunk too much, I don't remember anything, I just remember taking a taxi and going back home.
Spike11 years ago2008-07-30 16:51:04 UTC 4 comments
I'm reciving my pay tomorrow, my first pay ever :P And I'm thinking what things I'm going to buy with it. Heavy PC upgrade, sunglasses, CSS + Gmod, Crysis, and... that's all atm. I'm only going to spend this first pay, don't think I'm going to do it each month.

It's well payed job, I've worked half of July and I'm going to earn 900 ?, so yeah, I'm a lucky bastard. The contract ends on 19 October, I wish I can earn enough money to go study to Sweden =D
Spike11 years ago2008-07-18 21:04:22 UTC 2 comments
My first map on the vault =DDDDDDD

Well.. it's not really a map, it's an examplemap/prefab I've made.
Spike11 years ago2008-07-14 10:09:35 UTC 9 comments
My first day of work :D
Spike11 years ago2008-06-03 08:40:26 UTC 10 comments
Would you leave your studies, family, friends to start a new life on another place?
Spike11 years ago2008-05-24 10:58:32 UTC 9 comments
Does anybody use Realtek HD audio drivers?
Spike11 years ago2008-05-16 15:34:52 UTC 16 comments
I want to overclock my PC so can somebody tell me a good program to do it? (I don't want to do it by BIOS)
Spike11 years ago2008-05-13 14:10:23 UTC 2 comments
Spoiler Stupid thing

Ok so today I was doing my homework and someone added me at Skype, I was on a pure random moment so that's the conversation we had:

[20:03:06] fin_friend dice:hello
[20:03:10] fin_friend dice:who are you
[20:03:19] Spike dice:lolololoL
[20:03:22] Spike dice:ROFLMAO
[20:03:30] Spike dice:I'm a FBI Agent
[20:03:36] Spike dice:have you seen Pedobear?
[20:03:42] Spike dice:I'm looking for him
[20:03:50] fin_friend dice:no adios
[20:03:57] Spike dice:Wait
[20:04:04] Spike dice:I'm a FBI special agent
[20:04:15] Spike dice:I must catch Pedobear

The user has deleted me :_(
Spike11 years ago2008-05-05 16:28:26 UTC 18 comments
Blue Screen of Death:

I've had like 40 of them(blue screens and pc blocking with no reason) on the last 5 days, and I'm not joking, maybe more than 40, and I'm angry and scared with windows.

Do you know how to fix it? I'm using Vista. And don't tell me format the PC or install XP because I'm not going to do it. 5 days ago, or so, I installed some compiling and programming tools like Bloodshed, eclipse, Borland, and some others. I don't know if they are the problem, I have unninstalled them and still having blue screens and PC blocking.
Spike11 years ago2008-05-03 12:28:01 UTC 32 comments
Programming sucks