Stojke1 year ago2019-09-07 19:32:16 UTC 6 comments
Found this in one of the boxes - year 1999 , 50th year aniversary of the paper. Pretty interesting, ive never seen that image before, expecially not in combination with an intel processor.
The future is now!The future is now!
Stojke6 years ago2014-12-22 11:44:42 UTC 5 comments
Its interesting how well this song goes with mapping:
Stojke8 years ago2013-06-20 07:05:09 UTC 5 comments
Whats up TWHL, long time no Journal?
User posted image
I had in mind to write an journal for a longer period of time now. I was thinking of showing off some of the things i managed to get a hold off and some project i had started. But since Zeeba made an TWHL room video topic i thought id keep that for than.

Not much has been happening lately. Been spending some time learning programming above what they teach us on College and started some CS maps i had an idea for.
I had finished first year of my IT college last week. Passed all 6 exams i had for the second semester, last week, in the first exam period. So now I'm free for almost 4 months to do what the heck i want.
Kinda hard to map and enjoy my self to its fullest due to extreme heat. Yesterday i almost lit on fire in Belegrades Ada Ciganlia beach. +37 degrees in the shade. Crazy weather.
I don't have an AC at home, but i dont think i really need it, could use a fan though.

My current projects are:
1. Building an 80486 system with the following components:
Motherboard: UM486/UM486SX
CPU: 100MHz 80486 DX4
RAM: 16MB 30 pin simms 50ns (fastest memory of this type)
GPU: Tseng Labs ET4000AX 1MB
HDD/Floppy controller: Adaptec 1542CF
HDD: 3GB Fast-SCSI Quantum Fireball
Sound: Sound Blaster CT2230 (16 PRO) / SB 1350B clone (will replace)
Casing: An big ass steel casing that weights 20kg empty.

I am thinking of getting an SB PRO 2 and an Roland Sound Canvas 55. Found one but is quite expencive.

2. Fixing an LiteON power supply. 550W of quality power supply. Dont know whats wrong with it. Everything in side is in perfect order, no damage no nothing. But on high load it just shuts down instantly. One person suspects its the capacitors. But thats strange because they are as new.

3. Finalizing my NT4 workstation Dual Pentium 1 to run Half Life alpha with Voodoo Monster 3D. I want to enable sound trough Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold, even though its way from the future compared to the PC it self.
Also thinking of trying Final Fantasy 7 PC beta with 3DFX GLide support.
Also finalizing my Voodoo 5 rig. The only thing i need are PC casing and power supply. Power supply is giving me troubles because of auxiliary power output that got abandoned after P4. Am thinking of changing the MoBo for an MSI K7D Master.

4. Various deathrun and knife maps. I really like the retro feel of mapping, but i also like the buffed up detail. Kinda hard to decide which way to go, driving me nuts :)

Selling most of my stuff i dont need. Having multiple active hobbies, being an student and having an girlfriend is quite heavy on the wallet :D
And so on and so on.

Here are some pictures from this year:
User posted image
Lambda rock :D
User posted image
Summer time chillin
User posted image
Strawberries :o
User posted image
Don't let your girlfriend touch your shit
User posted image
Mah new hat ( the kercheif is Bob Marley Songs of Freedom )

And last but not least:
User posted image
Nina-chan! I am teaching her mapping as we speak. Hopefully she will retain as much interest into it as she has now :D

Well thats for now, more to come when projects finalize!
Stojke9 years ago2012-07-16 10:27:46 UTC 22 comments
Journal time!

Ok, so, I haven't written much lately, but lots of stuff happened in the past month and this one too.

I will first start off that since 3rd of July i am officially 20 years old!

Yay for me, time sure flies, I'm gonna die in 40 years ;_; WHERE HAS LIFE GONE TO! and similar whining :D

Second most important is that i am also, since July 3rd, a student of Information Technology! (Computers and hardware).
4th best on the entire student list, and 3rb best by the number of exam points in the entire faculty of all directions it offers.

So from now on, after a year of doing god knows what useless things, i am finally getting back to school :)
This course is 3 + 2 years (if im good enough, and i have no doubt i wont be), than after that if i score over 300ESPB points i can go for 3 more years to become Doctor of IT.
But that latter, first this :D

The other important news is that i now have some new computer hardware, yeah!
First of all is my new PC housing! Chieftec UNI 02B, hell yeah:

I payed only 18 euros for it! Amazing deal i must say.

Second in the line of hardware improvement is new RAM memory. GEIL Ultra 1600MHz DDR3 2x2GB 7 7 7 24 latency

Costs 80 euros! Extreme game memory, i payed it, yep you guessed right, 18 euros as well!

The last, but definitely not least, is my new GPU, the amazing Gainward GTX295!

Only i removed the dumb sticker. I payed 75 euros for it, really cheap if you ask me. This GPU is a monster, DX10 though, but it does shit right.

Over all I'm happy with my purchases and what happened these days, its been nice. Im also completing my new old pc for old hardware, gonna play some dos games :)

Also, I've noticed I've got a flaw i need to fix/overcome. I seem to imagine something amazing and than have no need what so ever to make it and realize it (Mapping/Projects). Gonna have to work on that.
Also I've started a big project in source that i can not complete, again I'm shooting for the stars again >_<

I so need to learn on how to make models and textures...
Stojke9 years ago2012-05-07 18:14:54 UTC 18 comments
User posted image
User posted image
All mine! Hahaha!
Stojke9 years ago2012-04-10 11:36:25 UTC 7 comments
Ok, so, i am criminally accused for what happened that time on 29th of December last year, when i forgot my ID card. A courier came yesterday and brought the envelop to me which explained what i need to do and where to go.

Basically, i need to go to the main court here in Novi Sad, else i will get arrested.
What the flying fuck, seriously, i got criminally accused for NOT having an ID card?? What should i accuse that policeman with because i walked home on freezing cold, torture?!
Unbelievable. I will probably get a 100$ fine, or something. F**k that, i will stay in jail for 2 days to pay it off. I am not giving any money to them...
Stojke9 years ago2012-04-02 20:11:17 UTC 8 comments
I never knew making vectors and coloring could be so much fun!

Don't know how many of you guys are artists, but this but its just too damn fun! These are traces of much smaller images, with a minor modifications.
Here are some of the vectors i made:

My first ever vector:
Could have been done MUCH better, but what can you do, i think its pretty good for a thing i did in 20 minutes, first time ever using the tools, fighting with them cause i had no idea how the freaking hell do they work, and coloring in PS.

My second vector, that actually looks like something! :o
This was done in around 30 minutes, the out lines than coloring and some modification in PS. I was pretty pleased on how it turned out, almost identical! (Error at the badge and at her skirt)

My third vector, and the one i did the most:
It took me 3 hours to get this one just right (with a few errors). The eyes took most of my time, UGH, eyes why you so hard to draw properly! I am happy how this one turned out, and I'm definitely going to make more!

I learned how to use most major tools to draw lines the way i want to and to manipulate the colors. Still a bit lame when it comes to the brush tool, cant draw shit with this so called LASER X7 mouse.
I must get me a tablet...
Stojke9 years ago2012-03-22 11:03:08 UTC 9 comments
A little about data disk sizes

I was thinking after reading how Bruce likes .FLAC and have decided to make a little journal about difference in years when it comes to movable data diskettes.

All i could get my hands on for now was an old PF HDD and a newer IBM ATA HDD, an old 5.25" floppy and a new 10GB Dittomax floppy, and an Magneto-Optical disc, which was top tech than and was made before CD RW.

As we know, every day more and more transistors/data gets squeezed into even smaller spaces. Genius error correction codes and protection is made to assure it works well, but how good is it really?
On the next 2 pictures i will show you an IBM 123.5GB HDD, on the left, that was made in 2002 and on the right i will show you an 60MB HDD that was made around 1988.
User posted image
User posted image
The difference in data size is enormous! But, that 60MB HDD still functions perfectly even today. While the exact same IBM HDD died a few weeks ago from getting too much bad sectors.
The older data drives are much more resistant and will last much longer. Over voltage? What is that asks the 60MB HDD.
I once overclocked my AMD K6-2 550MHz by 0.6V more than it should get in the core, no problem at all, even no heating.

Next are floppies, the one on the left is an newer Omega 10GB floppy disk, and the on the right is a 160KB 5.25" floppy:
User posted image
User posted image
You could take the old floppy and bend it as much as you like, even trow it as a frizzby to your friend who needs it, no problem with it falling on the ground or getting hit. But if i threw this 10GB disk any kind of way it would probably get damaged a lot. Sure it has more memory, but if i accidentally threw it, or something shakes the writing head in the drive the disk would get damaged. (PS These 10GB disks are slow as HELL)

Next is an Magneto-Optical disc. These were made before the existence of CD-RW discs. They were using the newest crystal technology to achieve a rewritable function.
User posted image
User posted image
They were early steps in rewritable technology when it comes to Discs. This one could be used over 100 times and it had a capacity of 650MB. I even had a reader for these things, but it died a long time ago, this is the only not used MO Disc i have left.
Also, an interesting thing, Blu Ray discs would have also been cased into such boxes as the MO Disc, but because the production costs would have been larger by a great percentage they just decided to rise the reading head that is almost touching the Blu Ray disc. One kick and the disc damages the reading head. That is one bad thing about Bly Rays, but, they have invented a protective coating for the disc, so they are more or less safer to move around and store, with out the fear of them getting damaged.

Thats all i had time to find to show you, what i was aiming with this is to tell you that if you'd lived and worked with such limits as 1.5GB of data memory, or less, you start to appreciate every spare KB of space you can get.

Computers may be very advanced today, but its still up to us and how we use it that determines their working hour.
Stojke9 years ago2012-03-05 19:15:24 UTC 4 comments
Military junkyard time!

Ok, so today i was on a private military junkyard. There is a lot of junk there, scrap metal, weapon parts, missile parts, old computers, etc.

I climbed more than 50 times up and down trough everything. There are lots of 1980s hardware components there, most of it is in no way near usable shape, but i managed to scrap some stuff.
What i found interesting out there is this Hard Disc drive from 1980s:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
You see, this thing is from 1982, and it weights around 20kg. It has 2 connectors on it, and a ticket. On the ticket it says:

700MB Mainframe Data drive

Imagine that! 700MB in early 1980s! And its like 20kg. Amazing if you ask me. Imagine that monster mainframe with such a hard drive in that time, pretty cool. Also it was made in Korea.
When i think about it, most of the things on that junk yard were from Korea and Chips Japan.

Ive found some IBM computers, DOS era, 1986 or so, but they were in a horrible shape, most of them were rusted and squished/smashed. What i found EXTREMELY interesting, is that an IBM with an 20MHz cpu had a PCI like card in it, and PCI was made in 1993! This is quite amazing, that IBM also had on-board EGA, memory modules + extension, an addon card with memory chips on it, and an HDD SCSI adapter card (Old SCSI).
I couldnt take pictures so i cant show you how many cool stuff is there.
Any way, take a look at these, i took these pictures for a friend of mine, electronics engineer, that i trade parts with.

You can see processors and addon cards, pay attention to the PCI like card.
Also, i found an Sound Blaster CT1600 PRO2, with that i have 2 PRO cards from Sound blaster ISA age, CT2230 and CT1600, only CT1500 left :>

Hope you find this journal as interesting as much as i found exploring this junk yard. Damn my hands hurt from moving all that junk :I
Stojke9 years ago2012-02-12 15:22:03 UTC 7 comments
Life on Earth just changed.

THe North Atlantic current is gone. Which means, it wont distribute hot water like it used to, which keept UK from freezing and Skandinavian lands from being too cold for living in.

Read more.
Stojke9 years ago2012-01-06 17:14:12 UTC 8 comments
Whats that Stojke? Linux and Hammer editor? Naaah youre BSing us.

Don't believe me? Take a look at it your self:
User posted image
Ive managed to get my Hammer up and running on Ubuntu Linux 11.10.
Works flawlessly so far, everything works, no errors in 3D screen, no errors with functions. Got to check does atoms compiler work, if that works too, than any one who has linux can safely use their hammer in it.

Took me a while to get wine to stop b**ching about hammer.exe being an executable file, but it works now (had to edit some stuff).
Stojke9 years ago2011-12-29 09:14:32 UTC 13 comments
Oh how i just adore walking! NOT!

Remember that bus incident? Well this time it was the same thing only that i got arrested! Like what the hell? I am walking to a bus station, this time not at 23:55 but at a decent 23:00, and all of a sudden, a police car stops me. Im thinking, must be this hat im wearing (we call it crook hat here). And they are all like: What are you doing here, where are you going, what are you planning and shit like that. I Answer: Nothing, i am just going to a bus station to go home. They ask me how old am I and ask for my ID, but for my misfortune i forgot my wallet at home. I tell them that and they ask me to empty my pockets and remove half of my cloths on -10Celsius! After that i ask them why are they doing this, after which they got pissed off and arrested me. So i spent 2 hours inside of the police station giving them my personal information. But do you know whats the best part? THE DAMN COMPUTER has no info on me! They said i don't exist by this name/address/what not.
So after some time talking and getting some F-ING sense into them they agreed to release me with no charge or having to pay for not possessing an ID card when asked to give it.

So there i go again, walking for 3 hours back home -___-#
Froze my ass off :<
Stojke9 years ago2011-10-21 23:22:52 UTC 22 comments
Don't know which is better:

1. Walking 25km home on rain and high wind trough the woods because the bus driver of the last buss home (00:15) didnt give an F i was on the station. Took me 3 hours.

2. Getting "robed" for 0.3$ by 4 people and an APPLE pealing knife (seriously i laughed my ass off when they walked away) - They were all like: give us money or we will gut you and shit

3. Seeing the exact same driver of the bus that blew me off as i was approaching my home, 3 hours latter. I wanted to hit the driver in the face with a metal pipe.

But in the end i was happy, i took it like a man, and it felt good not to go down their level. Guess i learned a very important lesson today.
Stojke9 years ago2011-08-06 13:14:17 UTC 3 comments
Flea market strikes again!

This time its a Presto briefcase, which i will modify to use for mah tools and stuff, and a Boss microphone effect machine, made in Japan.

And i got all that for, how much you ask? No more than 4.2$

Would post pics, but my "photo machine" is out of batteries, lol.
Stojke10 years ago2011-05-19 18:11:59 UTC 3 comments
Media in ultra small files?

Hell yeah! Today i was surfing over the ancient arhives on my HDD and found my cool DEMO folder.
So i thoughed, how many of you guys seen such a thing? So here it is, i uploaded the 2 i like the most.
The first file is called Chaos theory and its size is, guess it, 64kB!

Chaos theory

Its no virus, nor is it a stream download, its genuine 100% pure assembly code! Be amazed with what people can create using assembly.
Its all code, no textures or 3d models imported.

I love these things cause it takes a lot of time to make one and its really amazing. If you think that demo there is something, than check out this one:


A freaking 4kB demo! One of my all time favorites, be amased at how well this was done!
Note: All demos need some time to get the data ready, so if you are behind an older PC, you will have to wait a bit. Also they both use pixel shader 2.0 and OpenGL 2.0
Have fun!