cambreaKer1 month ago2022-05-07 07:41:56 UTC 9 comments
Today's my 17th birthday, and that means i can finally play Half-Life in the US! :walter: :hammer:
cambreaKer1 year ago2021-05-07 11:16:50 UTC 11 comments
Today's my birthday! :combines: :hammer: Got an xbox 360, and yeah i know it's a bit late for a 360 but hey, i like old consoles lol
in other news, my HECU House map turned a year old, like a week ago. might release the map sources for it 'cuz why not :hammer:
cambreaKer1 year ago2021-02-03 12:54:53 UTC 3 comments
so yesterday i played through the classic hit 2018 FPS game set in the Half-Life universe running on the source engine Hunt Down the Freeman.
i went in expecting the worst game ever but when i finished it, i felt like i've just played the best Half-Life game ever made. the emotional story, the characters, the amazing cutscenes, the wonderful level design and the fucked up face all came together to form the best experience i've ever played.

the game was also a great showcase of the power of Sourceā„¢, with jaw dropping visuals and amazing landscapes.
the gameplay was also just a darn great time, i loved the feeling of shooting the guns, it really felt like i was Mitchell "Fucked Up Face" Shephard.
another thing i loved was getting my vehicle stuck on the ground sometimes, it really gave me the satisfying feeling of frustration and quickloading.
but the story, oh boy the story - it was so emotional it had me literally crying a couple of times, the voice acting was especially amazing, all that combined to form the ultimate feeling of being in the middle of the 7 hour war.

jokes aside, it was a pretty bad game, average at best. surprisingly they fixed a bunch of issues, i had no gamebreaking bugs or crashes. makes for a less broken game and more of just a bad game. it did have some fun parts though, i liked the storm on black mesa east, that was pretty fun. but the fun parts are pretty short, and once you start having fun, the game drops you into a shitty part.
i mean, i can't complain, i knew what i was getting myself into with HDTF, but it was a bit better than i expected.

now i'm waiting for HDTF 2 :combines: