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Posted 14 years ago2006-08-09 20:08:16 UTC
I am really happy now with my mapping skills. I am now making the most complicated and nice corridor I ever made. But instead of it boasting up the r_speeds to something like ~1500 wpolies, I predict it will stay around 800 wpolies without any big damage to the looks.
It will have two floors. In one floor there is a lowered part. The other is only around the edges of the corridor. In one side a platform in the other a smaller corridor that the wall that heads into the big corridor is made of glass. The ceiling is made entirely of glass with only a few support beams to support that glass.

The maps I'm working about show my recent progress and improvments. The first room has ~1500 yet it's the ugliest and is almost symmetrical, but still it's good. The corridor that connects the second room and the first is nice, I think it's very good for a single floor corridor. The only things that keeps it from being entirly simmetrical are a few pipes that I placed later on. The lobby is by far my favorate.(except for the new corridor) It has 800 wpolies and it's still very detailed, got two floors and a reflection.
I also have a small office in that map accecible from the lobby. I like it mostly because of the lighting. The light comes from a big window behind the desk and a desk lamp.

Overall this is my favorate black masa themed map I ever made. :cool:

I could never have made it without the help of the tutorials, entity guide and help of many of the forum members. I like to thank especially Captain P, who gave me very good tips, without them the map would be much uglier, kasperg, through his maps I learned alot about archtitecture and lighting, unbreakable, who helped me with spirit and gave me a few tips on how to make cool effects, and jimmi, one of his maps inspired me to make some parts of the latest corridor like they are, but his tips were more annoying then helpfull and many times wrong. :P

First room:
User posted image
User posted image
First Corridor:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
I'll stop my progress on all my present maps for a short while and return to the func_tracktrain tutorial that I nearly forgot about. :|


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