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Posted 9 years ago2010-07-22 08:21:57 UTC
Skals SkalsGame / Level Designer
I came across something interesting when I was looking at Black Messa source on it's wiki, It's about G-man. During the second part of the chapter "Interloper" Of hl1, You can hear the nihilanth saying [green]"You are man... he is not man... for you he waits... for you..."[/green]. Now on the BMS wiki site (here: ) It says that the Nihilianth is possibly referring to G-man and his inhuman abilities!
Now G-man does meet Gordon at the very end of the game after Gordon defeats nihilianth, so can the inhuman part be true as well?
Do you guys remember that one crystal Gordon inserted into the laser beam that caused the invasion? I read on the same site that it was somewhere stated in the game that the crystal was supplied to the Black messa facility by the very same G-man.

I don't know about you guys, but to me this looks like Valve is hinting us that G-man is perhaps some alien himself who planned out the entire invasion? and Gordon is just a stepping stone for him? He needed Gordon to kill off nihilanth, and now he's using Gordon for something else? Like getting rid of the combine which could be in his interests?


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Yeah, that's the main fan theory and it has been for years. The BM wiki just reprinted it. And if you remember the few areas where you could shoot G-man in HL, the bullet's bounced off. Not exactly human behavior. ;)
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-22 14:30:30 UTC Comment #55102
Welcome back.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-22 16:59:37 UTC Comment #55101
Wait, so you're telling me that a mysterious man with a strange, uneven voice who has an invulnerability to all physical weapons and who can teleport to any location at any time and appear in people's dreams and/or visions at the drop of a hat is NOT human?

My God man, this changes everything!
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-22 18:49:33 UTC Comment #55105
Wait, where in HL can you shoot Gman?? He's always behind a glass or something.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-22 19:59:44 UTC Comment #55104
Unforeseen Consequences (houndeyes)
Power Up (Garg)
Oh yeah, Welcome Back, Skals.
Commented 9 years ago2010-07-22 22:34:36 UTC Comment #55100
You're only years behind your theory there, Champ.

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