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Posted 9 years ago2010-08-16 18:23:34 UTC
Striker StrikerI seriously doubt myself
Here's an article that fucked with my mind:

Science facts about this "holographic" world

As I'm reading this, I start to think about the 4th dimension. You know, it's said that in the 4th dimension you can see a 'three dimensional' thing from all possible directions at a time, so probably that's what's happening at a subatomic level.


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No. If you were in the 4th dimension you'd be able to see a three dimensional thing from all its possible directions at a time. Just like you as a three dimensional human being can observe all dimensions of a drawing on a paper.
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I stand corrected.
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Looking forward to reading this tomorrow morning when I'm a bit more alert.
I read through a part of it tho, the part which talked about particles which seemed to communicate with eachother with speeds beyond the speed of light.

I believe I've read about this before. Einstein proposed a paradox which was based around this "problem" in order to disprove quantum physics. It's called the EPR paradox. However, it turns out that Einstein was wrong, and there was a perfectly good explenation for it all, and that there was no paradox.

But I'm awfully tired right now and I'm probably wrong. But these things are so interesting I can't keep myself from commenting. I'll read it through tomorrow if I find the time

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