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Posted 9 years ago2011-01-01 05:02:48 UTC
AJ AJGlorious Overlord
UPDATE: Now at 24fps with rudimentary colour correction and other effects.

It's (seriously) short film time! It's just over 2 minutes, trust me!

I totally made this! Would love to get some feedback on it as it has been quite a while since I've shot and cut video.

While I'm here, I may as well remind you that this competition is still going. Check it out and rate it as you wish (and by that I mean 'rate it five stars or get banned'). In case you've forgotten, this is the portfolio of my lovely girlfriend, Lesley, which has been entered into a contest.


Commented 9 years ago2011-01-01 05:03:44 UTC Comment #36092
Linkage failure.

Here, let me bail you out...

Edit: Fixed. -Ant
Commented 9 years ago2011-01-01 09:15:38 UTC Comment #36090
May I ask you what's the font used at the beginning?
Commented 9 years ago2011-01-01 09:28:05 UTC Comment #36085
Helvetica Neue. It's a Mac font.
Commented 9 years ago2011-01-01 09:56:53 UTC Comment #36088
Looks good in 720p. I may not like that Nightmares song, but it really suits the video.
Commented 9 years ago2011-01-01 09:59:09 UTC Comment #36086
I'm actually still working on it. I'm happy with the edit and the music, but I'm experimenting with an more efficient workflow and trying to integrate colour correction in there as well. I'm also converting it from 25 to 24fps to give it a more film-like feel.
Commented 9 years ago2011-01-01 13:40:04 UTC Comment #36091
A 1-frame makes the difference ?
Hmm, thanks for telling me about the font. I've searched for it on the internet but it's commercial, even though the first result in google is a free download link :)).
Commented 9 years ago2011-01-01 20:55:01 UTC Comment #36087
It does make a difference.
Commented 9 years ago2011-01-02 19:00:27 UTC Comment #36089
Doesn't your brain process visual information at around 24fps?

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