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Posted 9 years ago2012-11-07 06:55:37 UTC
TheGrimReafer TheGrimReaferADMININATOR
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Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 07:01:01 UTC Comment #44973
Hey, it's Joebama!
But whose that guy stuck on his other half?
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 07:52:56 UTC Comment #44971
I barely knew there was an election.

I should really read/watch SOME kind of news.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 08:34:23 UTC Comment #44981
Only in America do they repeat elections because the president is black plus the second candidate is mentally retarded.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 08:40:52 UTC Comment #44974
I'll admit I don't pay much attention to politics, especially foreign politics, so maybe I am misunderstanding, but...
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 08:45:53 UTC Comment #44972
I didn't know you were Irish.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 10:00:10 UTC Comment #44982

The first part was a joke, the second part is truth. Romney should be locked in a cave.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 10:28:21 UTC Comment #44977
Congratulations, USA.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 11:32:17 UTC Comment #44978
Having seen the polls at roughly 149:154 (Obama:Romney) last night, I went to bed with a slight sense of dread. Good thing the swing states knew who to vote for.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 16:55:12 UTC Comment #44968
Obama is still president, our vaginas are safe for another 4 years!
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 19:20:17 UTC Comment #44976
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 21:01:19 UTC Comment #44969
Mitt < Obama < A horse

Way to go America. You're still fucked though. As are the rest of us.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-07 23:41:48 UTC Comment #44970
I hate my countries politics.
But i love my country
But i hate it. god damn do i hate politics.

Obama destroyed romney in the electoral college about 300 to 200, but as far as actual votes are concerned, they were pretty much 50/50.

The electoral college shouldnt exist but its a part of our constitution and only an amendment can get rid of it.

god help us all
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-08 00:20:49 UTC Comment #44980
Obama and Romney are pretty shitty. Obama has a terrible plan and Romney has no plan. We should all just move to Rapture, maybe get ourselves some ADAM, aswell.
Commented 9 years ago2012-11-08 01:34:54 UTC Comment #44979
What's so terrible about Obama's plan?
And I want specifics here.
EDIT [09.11.12]: Republicans.
Commented 8 years ago2014-04-09 14:16:32 UTC Comment #44975
His plan is apparently to fuse himself with his vice president and then use that as a disguise to get Joebama banned from TWHL!
It's a good thing he's behind the times and so hasn't noticed that Joebama is no more.

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