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Posted 4 years ago2013-11-14 17:37:46 UTC
For a long time, I wanted to change my graphics card. The 128mb one Nividia quadro 1300 was slow and didn't like shaders. So I bought a new one. I found Nvidia GT 610. It looks great and runs great. Its from the year of 2012, so its pretty new. I also bought some minor stuff I always wanted, like HDMI cable for my RasPi. Thats right, I am byting the Pie :)

Now I can finnaly play GTA4. I doubt it will run GTA5, but I really wanted to play GTA4. Still, I can also play other games.


Commented 4 years ago2013-11-14 18:59:46 UTC Comment #67271
Dont play GTA4.
Commented 4 years ago2013-11-14 19:04:51 UTC Comment #67270
Any core sandybridge onward cpu has a better integrated graphics chip than a gt610. Basically the lowest end gpu i recommend is X50 and up (250, 450, 550, 650 etc..)
Commented 4 years ago2013-11-15 13:54:05 UTC Comment #67272
I have only played GTA4 at my friends house, but my brother is like sick about it. Dunno why. I would play HL2EP2 at the highest setting :)

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