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Posted 4 years ago2014-01-11 00:43:51 UTC
Soup Miner Soup MinerMe, mad? Haha, quite likely.
Striker, today was the first time I'd seen this:
User posted image
I thought you might appreciate knowing.


Commented 4 years ago2014-01-11 01:11:36 UTC Comment #38078
I have no idea how to feel about this.

I'm glad though it resurrected your interest for TWHL! >:D<
Commented 4 years ago2014-01-11 11:43:39 UTC Comment #38076
Joe Dirt!

Soup: Hey man, i just noticed i think about you every time i use the Arch tool in hammer... not sure why, maybe you had a tutorial or maybe from one of your posts?

I feel like you were WAY ahead of most of us in mapping back in the day, to what extent i'm still realizing playing old maps, and reading old posts.. You still mapping at all?

Anyhoo it's very nice to see you bro!
Commented 4 years ago2014-01-13 02:35:22 UTC Comment #38074
What am I looking at?
Commented 4 years ago2014-01-13 21:32:42 UTC Comment #38073
What are you looking at?
Commented 4 years ago2014-01-14 00:43:13 UTC Comment #38077
Just what the hell do you think you're looking at?!
Commented 4 years ago2014-01-14 11:32:40 UTC Comment #38080
OMG!?! What zhe fook am I lukin at?!? :o
Commented 4 years ago2014-01-14 15:57:43 UTC Comment #38075
Oh you guys :')
Commented 4 years ago2014-01-14 19:45:50 UTC Comment #38079
This makes just as much sense as the last time I saw it. And I still have no idea what, who or why.

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