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Posted 6 years ago2014-01-23 04:56:42 UTC
Hey guys, I've been speed running mario 64, come check out mah stream if you'd like, be sure to say hi.


Commented 6 years ago2014-01-23 05:08:03 UTC Comment #46993

(i tried saying "hi" but it won't let me fsr? maybe you have to verify your account first..)

BTW, i didn't know your old nickname was mcmitcho! (ah the distant memories, which become foggier with each day..) =P
Commented 6 years ago2014-01-23 09:28:57 UTC Comment #46991
lol, yeah I got a nick change ages ago. I got 2 personal bests today, 1 hour flat in 70 stars, which is a bummer because subbing 1 hour is like kinda a thanggggg.

I may have a channel setting on stopping non verified accounts or something.
Commented 6 years ago2014-01-23 14:26:17 UTC Comment #46990
Sweeeeeet, when do you usually stream?
Commented 6 years ago2014-01-24 02:12:10 UTC Comment #46992
I really don't have a schedule man. I can hit you up on steam or something when I do.

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