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Posted 4 years ago2014-03-29 13:49:08 UTC
A little 'Help Me Do Something' journal

I want to try my best at making maps for Source. I would like to know which Source SDK to use and which is required to make maps for native Half-Life 2. No mods, no EP's, just HL2.

Basically the question: Should I use Source SDK 2013 (2006, 2007) or Source SDK Base to make maps/mods for Half-Life 2?


Commented 4 years ago2014-03-29 15:24:45 UTC Comment #67307
There has been a thread recently that covered that.
Too lazy to find :( sry.
Commented 4 years ago2014-03-29 15:41:46 UTC Comment #67308
@Rufee: Looool. xD Extremely helpful.

@Ciba43: He at least said sorry, so you can't reply to him with a smart ass comment, he did apologize. :|
Commented 4 years ago2014-03-29 16:21:07 UTC Comment #67305
Yerp, this is a forum question more than a journal post, and as such it has been answered in the forums:
Commented 4 years ago2014-03-29 17:17:27 UTC Comment #67309
Oh, I forgot about that page. You can ignore this journal. Mah brain can get a bit tricky to understand.
Commented 4 years ago2014-03-30 02:38:34 UTC Comment #67306
Easy way:
Download HL2, Run HL2. Go to steamapps/common/hl2/bin.
Run hammer from there.
Done :)
Commented 4 years ago2014-04-02 16:52:20 UTC Comment #67310

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