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Posted 3 years ago2014-07-23 14:39:05 UTC
Soup Miner Soup MinerMe, mad? Haha, quite likely.
The only problem with feeling nostalgic about CS 1.6 is that actually going back to play it sucks.


Commented 3 years ago2014-07-23 14:41:44 UTC Comment #38086
Yeah it feels twitchy and loose by today's gameplay standards.
And the accuracy cones are crazy
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-23 14:43:25 UTC Comment #38095
Loose ? you must be high, apart from quake its the second best thing in terms of response.
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-23 18:42:45 UTC Comment #38094
That's my same feeling when going back to Stronghold and Age of Empires. Not necessarily sucks, but bores me fast.
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-23 20:40:57 UTC Comment #38096
I thought you weren't going to come back. Hi.
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-23 22:17:37 UTC Comment #38088
Mostly when I used to play 1.6 it was on kz maps. Every now and then I go to play one for nostalgia, but the server situation in Australia is somewhat dire and there are no servers I can join :(

Also, long time no see. Howdy.
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 06:09:02 UTC Comment #38090
Lots of memories playing 1.6 and getting banned for teamkilling, lol! you play GO soup? (CSGO is meant to have gameplay like 1.6 in case you never tried it)
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 06:21:02 UTC Comment #38083
Never really enjoyed 1.6

Really like CSS.

Got CS:GO recently. Don't care for that much either...
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 08:39:46 UTC Comment #38091
I think you are pretty much alone on the CSS liking Urby, I don't know anyone else who ever said they liked playing it online ;)
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 09:58:19 UTC Comment #38084
It was fun griefing people I know that much. Also playing with the same group of people every time.

Don't play it anymore though.

DOTA2 came out see? :P
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 11:50:19 UTC Comment #38087
Love CS:S :)
I thought it was a very nice upgrade from 1.6. Visually and otherwise.
To me, it just feels better
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 12:30:54 UTC Comment #38092
I'm avoiding Dota2 like uberHerperSyphlAids... NO :P
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 14:04:07 UTC Comment #38082
Condition zero was a nice upgrade visually, and I love cs 1.6's gameplay.

I'll have to go back and play it some, perhaps this weekend! :) This must be the longest I've gone without playing it since my first time. Literally.
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 14:48:12 UTC Comment #38081
@Stu: I said I was done--as in 'no longer associating myself as a part of the community'--not that I wouldn't ever bother popping in. Thanks for trying to be a cock, though. A for effort.

@Cap'n Terra: I played a little bit of GO. It seemed like a worthy successor to 1.6 for people that still enjoy the vanilla 1.6 experience.
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 17:39:04 UTC Comment #38098
CSS fan till date, and still mapping for that...
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 17:48:37 UTC Comment #38085
"I'm avoiding Dota2 like uberHerperSyphlAids"

Any particular reason? Not your kinda game?
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-24 18:43:40 UTC Comment #38093
oh no, is scart kitteh will like it too much! ;)
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-25 01:50:19 UTC Comment #38097
Oi! It sounds like the same to me.
Commented 3 years ago2014-07-25 11:46:12 UTC Comment #38089
Play League of Legends, Soup Miner. You might like it.


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