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Posted 10 months ago2017-09-23 15:18:20 UTC
Hello everyone, I am back now. I know who miss me.

But I don't like if bad people hurt me. ( SPOILER: I don't want tell user's name. )

Please respect me!

@Urby I am really sorry because I already removed twhlpockets since I go off.:( I can not go back. :( Sorry for that. I wish I have backup. :(

And please do not share with f****** Facebook! Because Facebook has ruined my birthday and my relationship since December 2013. I never allow you to share my any posts or pictures to Facebook. Because I am very hostile to Facebook founder. Thanks!! Since December 2013 my birthday 30 years was wonderful and my friends make me happy. And Facebook hurts my happy celebration that is why I hate Facebook. Please promise me! Do not share my pictures/posts or don't hide me!

Thanks for understanding!


Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 16:26:28 UTC Comment #63439
It's a small community, there's no point trying to bring it back up - I think we all know who you are talking about. And I don't think anyone here has done anything to characterise them as "bad", not even Admer.

Welcome back to the community, anyhow. Glad you are back!
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 17:04:22 UTC Comment #63447
What’s the point of this? Seriously?
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 17:07:28 UTC Comment #63448
We don’t really care, you know that right? Just leave it dude.

And what’s your deal with Facebook?
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 17:10:00 UTC Comment #63440
This is a terrible way of life, I know because I am like that. It's much better to move on with life. Seriously. It's extremely likely that the language barrier will muck this up, but it is time to stop caring about the past.

I had loads of birthdays ruined and in general I stopped caring. This is one of the reasons why unlike most twhl members i dont post birthday journals. The sooner you stop caring about the past, the better. Not trying to tell you what to do, this is a suggestion. I hope you know what I meant.

Another advice: unless your job requires it, avoid facebook. It is like a mental poison, as my mentor described it
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 17:40:26 UTC Comment #63450
"And I don't think anyone here has done anything to characterise them as "bad", not even Admer."

Well, there are people who are worse than me, but I stand out somehow? YAAAAAAY, I'm special! (not really, I prefer being a good guy)

"And please do not share with f****** Facebook!"

I don't use Facebook anyway (I only use it to pick up some informations from my classmates in high school), so I'm okay.

I'm just glad that you're here again. Welcome back. :D
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 19:21:06 UTC Comment #63442
@Instant Mix thanks because I hold and am respectfully. Who is Admer? Hello I am aka SourceSkyBoxer ( My real name is Jens Eckervogt from Germany )

@James Luke! I should leave dude? Yeah I already left since January 2014 of Facebook. Of course I am serious because I hate blaming, trolling etc..

@2muchvideogame oh really do you not like? I thought twhl is not social media :o - Okay I understand that. Your decision!

@Admer456, Oh you use Facebook because your classmates :) I know you really miss your classmates because they joke and make funny with you. :P Right! Don't worry! For me my classmates and beknowns use Facebook but I force again my beknowns cause I don't want use Facebook. But they fight me and say me please come to Facebook! And I force until now. They cannot get chance because I am sensitive to Facebook. my classmates and my beknowns have to send me via short message systems or skype. I pick up any informations. That is my reason. And I am very scared to Facebook. Thanks!

Thanks for caring me!
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 19:25:29 UTC Comment #63451
Admer = Admer456 (me)
I'm Admer. :D

Instant Mix implied that I did something bad, sort of. He didn't really imply that, but he said that I, even though I'm somewhat "special" on this site (everyone is, I'm just special in a special way), have never done anything that was 'bad'.

Also, I don't use Facebook because of my old classmates from elementary school (the ones in the videos).
I actually use it because of my new classmates. They made a group of our class and we use it to share things and homework.
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 19:55:25 UTC Comment #63443
@Admer! I remember you said about video.
Oh homeworks like cribs? :P I know it is normal. Good luck and they and you prepare to final exams? And don't forget to waste "shit cribs"! Your teacher will be mad. ;)
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 20:19:00 UTC Comment #63452
Nah, not cribs. I know what you meant. However, I meant "homework" like "tasks given by the professor, which aren't in my book". That's what I meant. xD

Also, what final exams? I've just started! High school began on the 5th of September here, so we can't have any exams yet. :P
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 20:55:14 UTC Comment #63444
I explain final exam is end of school year - If you have completed teaching Russian, English, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting or any Jargons.

I already completed any Jargons from my secondary- and business schools.
German, English, Mathematics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physic, Sport, Economics, Accounting, Community, History.
Not only Language Community just Community into German: Gemeinschaftskunde ( for voting to class presidents/speakers from school, if class speaker or class presidents has problem with teachers than class speaker or class president tells to principal. Than principal will throw bad teacher for example. ) Sorry it is only Germany because they vote or make election time. Russia has electron, too?

And my education time with project preparation or advanced customization like I understands with job. Example detail of materials or how do I build my own workstation... If you wish to enter job as level designer or coder but you need requirement until University time. But for me. I am finish since my education time than my life is shit because my hands have problem with wrists and tendinitis. Until I feel better and I work at home...
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 21:45:24 UTC Comment #63453
I am not from Russia and thank goodness that I'm not. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they teach us this illusion called "the Bosnian language", which is just an offset of the south-Slavic language. Blah blah blah. Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian should be called south-Slavic blah blah blah keeps ranting about these Slavic identity problems

In Bosnia, we vote for political parties, and we have 3 presidents at the same time. The situation is interesting.
Oh, wait. You meant "president of the class"? Yeah, we have those, too. :D

Also, these are my classes/subjects/jargons:
  • Bosnian
  • English
  • German (hell yes, I'm learning German now, GOODBYE TURKISH! >:D)
  • Basics of I.T. systems
  • I.T.
  • Basics of electro-technology (how else would I translate "elektrotehnika"? Electro-tech? Electro-technica?)
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
And a few more...

About your hand, I hope it gets better. Tendinosis (or tendinitis) surely sucks...
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 22:14:03 UTC Comment #63445
Ops. Sorry I am shy because you're not Russian. My dear Bosnian, welcome! I thought your maps look like Russian. I am sorry for that my dear. Please don't be angry me...

Yeah that is presidents of the class. Wow like in Germany :D

Oh you learn German. Wow Guten Abend mein Lieber :) Good evening my dear.
Wie geht es dir? = How are you? etc

Did you understand Language German phonology?
Guten Tag /[ guten ta:k ]/
wird /[ vɪɐ̯t ]/
w = /v/
v = /f/ ...
Check wikipedia!

Good luck to learn German! But German is very very hard so like Japanese But. If you don't know like example
Das Auto, Der Mann, Die Frau etc... If it happens for wrong: Das Mann = wrong. Der Mann = correct. Example sentence of German:
Ich schlafe jetzt. = I sleep now.
Ich gehe morgens zur Arbeit. = In the morning I go to work. OR I go to work in the morning.

I hope you understand good with my German. But my German is not okay :o I am shy because I am deaf since German goes bad. Cause any bullying deaf people hurt me and my German crashed. :( My mum is worried to me. How do I fix German? I wish that my German is good. :/

Yeah I already got 7 x operations o_O on my hands - Since October 2016 my hands feel better than before. Now If I work hard than my hands get sometimes stupid pains. But I hold and I work slow.
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-23 23:28:26 UTC Comment #63449
“Just leave it” is metaphorical. I don’t mean leave Facebook, unless that’s gonna help you get over it. I mean to stop with how you view everything on here. You need to change. Also, take some English classes.

Also, I took a little German. Only know enough to get by. If I learn more to the level of a native, I hope to move there someday; if we’re all talking about ourselves.
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-24 00:49:44 UTC Comment #63441
I made my post pretty clear and he clearly flat out refuses to change the way he views things. One of most futile things you can ever do is telling someone else to change how they live their life, because nobody will change just because someone else told them to do so.

we are free to see things however we want.

You saw how hard dumbledore tried to tell harry potter not to get so emotional, it just doesnt work.
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-24 07:12:14 UTC Comment #63454
I really like German. In elementary school, some Turks came and told us "Blah blah, Turkish is good, you will get this and this! Merhaba, görüşürüz!"

And 98% voted for Turkish to be our 2nd foreign language. I wanted German. :c

Now, in high school, I can finally switch to something I'll like to learn more. German is more interesting to me than Turkish, honestly. Also, it's not really too hard, I just have to be consistent.

Turkish is harder, yet I managed to learn it somehow. I'll most probably forget Turkish, unless I talk to fellow mappers on GameBanana from Turkey. xD

"I hope you understand good with my German."
Yes, I understood it well. :D
I analysed some sentences, and it makes sense to me. I learned more stuff which I previously didn't know, thanks to you.

"My mum is worried to me. How do I fix German? I wish that my German is good. :/"
I'm not sure. A guy from the Sven Co-op Discord sent me links to 3 Discord servers for learning and speaking German. Well, if you have Discord, you might practise it there? I don't know how it is on those servers (haven't joined them yet), but if you're interested, tell me. :)
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-24 10:02:55 UTC Comment #63446
@James Luke, Danke fuer Erklaehrung! You took little German, right?
ue = Ü

ae = ä

oe = ö

ss = ß
/[s]/ ( hard speaking like "is" voice )

@2muchvideogames, thanks for explanation! You're right Harry Pother I know movie. It is really unrealistic because who goes to wall or life longer under water or and any ..

@Admer, ah Turkish! I have little like Aryan = yoghurt-water-salt or butter milk or Gulli, gulli = Good bye, Selam = Good morning / Hello. but not much Turkish.

I have little Filipino ( Tagalog and Bicolano Main Langage of Philippines ) but I don'Ät have Cebuano
Magadang umaga = good morning, magadang araw = good afternoon, good day ( with nice weather ) and magadang hapon = good day ( bad weather ) and magadang gabi = good evening and good night. Ang lalaki = the man, ang babae = the woman.

Filipino - English - German:
Salamat sayo = Thank you = Dankeschoen, Danke
Walang anuman sayo = You're welcome! Bitte sehr, Sie sind willkommen.
Walang pasok = vacation / holiday = Urlaub / Ferien
Mang inasal = anyway ( It's a fastfood of Philippines )
Mahal kita = I love you = Ich liebe dich.
Mamimis kita = I miss you = Ich vermisse dich.
Mahal din kita = I love you too = Ich liebe dich auch.
.. din .. = example I miss you too... = Ich vermisse dich auch.

And more .... It's main language of Philippines. Ca 15 % I have learned by my girl friend of Philippines.

But I forget time of Bicolano from Filipino Language.

Thanks, you like that. Sorry I don't know Discord because I am always busy.
Commented 10 months ago2017-09-24 10:37:51 UTC Comment #63455
Well, there are many Turks in Germany, so I'm not surprised that you know a little bit of it.
Also, "kita" in south-Slavic means something like "bundle". Like "kita cvijeća" - "bundle of flowers".

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