Create faked shadow mapping for GoldSrc

Posted 2 months ago2018-08-04 14:21:49 UTC
Hello everyone, I have advanced method of shadow mapping. It is really hard.


It is easy like jail / prison symbol.
Example 1Example 1
There are awesome methods of shadow mapping for GoldSrc.

Remember that info_player_start is 32 x 32 x 72 units and we need scale brush 20:1 measure.

32 * 20 = 720

72 * 20 = 1440

For door height: 80 units * 20 = 1600

2 x 2 units = 40 x 40 units,
4 x 4 units = 80 x 80 units,
and more..

If you are finish to draw and make group and convert to func_illusionary and change Render-Mode with "Texture Mode" and set 175 or 150 in FX Amount and scale down with Chtr + M -> 0.05 in X, Y, and Z and move to your map brushes.

Remember before shadow mapping for customizations for GoldSource Engine - If you want build "faked" shadow mappings in your map.

Don't worry and save your map and run compilations of VHLT / UMHLT!

Than you will run your map and you see like realistic shadow effects. You feel your map like your map have shadows. Hehe!

Bonus tip:
If you make realistic radiant than you need more func_illusionary brushes with 0, 10, 20, 30, etc.... in FX Amount. Like it seems radiant-effectable shadow. or simple texture radiant like light effect or your custom radiant. than it looks realistic. ( Or you can ask The303 for texture with radiant mode )


Commented 2 months ago2018-08-05 04:31:33 UTC Comment #101409
It is really hard.
You're making it seem hard. I have an idea, however. Dynamic shadows with func_trains. :D
Commented 2 months ago2018-08-05 12:07:50 UTC Comment #101410
PS: It is stupid problem with this
Why does it not work for me?Why does it not work for me?
Why does it not work if I switch shadow and no shadow like Sven Manor :(

If I will try trigger but it seems wrong? I already tried no success.

But I want try if shadow throws from moving train :P

If not than I need create custom dynamic shadow
Commented 2 months ago2018-08-05 21:54:36 UTC Comment #101416
Actually, I also didn't get these to work in de_kobbl. Man, it would've been so useful for the bomb blast. But either way, I'll try it tomorrow and see where things went wrong.
Commented 2 months ago2018-08-09 17:28:02 UTC Comment #101441
And It is hard to hack into real shadow mappings :/

I will continue my development with C# like SoloKiller and I know and I make careful because "illegal" and "legal" are not same.

Solokiller creates only veldrid ( Net Core 2 ) and me creates only OpenTK with SteamSharp/SteamWorks.Net ( C# with Steam Connection and Accessibility = legal ) ( Only Net framework 4.5 with mono bundler )


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