I leave my Filipina girl now because she always ignore me

Posted 3 weeks ago2018-08-31 18:12:54 UTC
Hello everyone, I am single now :(

I hate ignorances - If she didn't answer me like I always care my girl friend. But she is always stubborn. I don't like that.

I will find other girls now.

Since June 2015 and now together 3 years and 2 month and 2 weeks.

I feel okay. thanks for caring me!


Commented 3 weeks ago2018-09-01 12:04:38 UTC Comment #101488
3 years is a while! that really sucks man, I know what it feels like
Commented 3 weeks ago2018-09-01 12:13:26 UTC Comment #101489
Yes sucks ... :/ No problem I will find other girls like here or other .. I hope I can find.....
Commented 3 weeks ago2018-09-01 12:48:18 UTC Comment #101490
Oh man, I feel sorry for you. But I hope you'll find a good one. :)
Commented 3 weeks ago2018-09-01 17:23:36 UTC Comment #101492
Thanks my best! I am okay now... :)

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