Thanks for explanation with C++ - I will learn more ....

Posted 3 weeks ago2018-09-04 18:54:27 UTC
Hello everyone,

I think Solokiller is right because I need learn C++ - I found great explanation from Youtube like

class object oriented programming like SoloKiller writes many C++ files.
I am surprised that is not heavy - It is like simple but I understand how does program print line like
in Console writes out "Hello World"
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv)
cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
return 0;
$ ./helloworld
Hello World!
And I type my name for example:
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv)
string name;
cout << "What is your name? ";
cin >> name;
cout << "Hello " << name << "!" << endl;
return 0;
$ ./hello
What is your name?
Jens <- type of my name
Hello Jens!
Wow I understand now. How does it work? Awesome - I need learn more more 100 %

Why I need learn C++ because Many coders love only C++ but it is almost more than C# but C# can work in C++ ( Mono Jit / Aot Embeddings ) by mkbundle or own hard-coded or write prompt for file into byte code with compression ( If you use zlib )

And class object oriented programming looks like wxWidgets or Gtk+2 / Gtk+3 or X11, Cocoa or winapi..

I know we would like to write Half-Life for 64 Bit support because Half-Life works still x86 Bit and lags always. I don't want who argue always. I don't like illegal just - Who want improve Half-life into strong application if Half-life from 1998 looks very old and incompatible and won't work for GPU support for example. Half-Life can't work for VulkanGL. It happens...

Since Half-Life 2 and Source have support OpenGL 2.x

I would like to improve for 64 Bit version if Valve Software accepts our idea like by TWHL, example Shepard, SoloKiller or SysOp or QueryUS ....

I have found example different version by Java coder has written in C++ but it is really awesome work because C++ movement is very faster than Java LwjGL
He writes Java and C++
3D Game Engine in C++
3D Game Engine in Java

GLFW + GLM + Zlib + vorbis + libjpg + libpng and devIL etc = it looks awesome like real game engine.

Thanks for forcing me and explaining me! I need know about C++ Thanks for explanation! I know how do I understand with C++. I don't ignore your suggestions - I am sorry for my ignorances because I understand C++ now.

Edit awesome tutorials


Entity from GameObject
Door from Entity
Player from Entity

And more. Am I correct for GameObject like component of Game?

GameState like in-game and menu. Is it correct?


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