So I want leave our community TWHL now...

Posted 2 weeks ago2018-09-08 09:12:56 UTC
Hello everyone, I really don't like because you don't listen me. I am very unhappy because you care for Discord. For me not.

Discord was owned by Unity3D Team. And they do like very bad to deafness. I never care to Discord. I am sorry - I don't care Discord now.
I would like to say bye for Twhl.Info now. Thanks for mapping and resolving etc..

I am sorry for everything.

Why I leave now. Reason: You have connection with Discord by Unity3D Team about Facebook connection. That is why I am holding back - I don't care for bad social media. Please promise me! I want decide that PenguinBoy, best admin removes all posts, journals, vaults etc.,.from me. Thanks!

Bye now!


Commented 2 weeks ago2018-09-09 01:38:36 UTC Comment #101506
Not going to lie, it's quite difficult to decipher what you're talking about a lot of the time. Do you mean you want to leave the community just because we've got a Discord server? Don't you think that might be just a bit of an overreaction? You don't have to use the discord if you don't want, the site will still be as active as it usually is.
Commented 2 weeks ago2018-09-09 06:17:38 UTC Comment #101507
If you plan to isolate yourself from anyone who accepts the use of Discord, you're not going to have a whole lot of the internet left to turn to.

I'm not going to say the people behind it are great (I wouldn't know; you always hope, but there's a lot of shitty people out there), but it does what it's supposed to do and does it well, and people tend to congregate around such things.
Commented 2 weeks ago2018-09-09 13:47:17 UTC Comment #101508
Good lord, this guy, man. Seriously.
This is like, what, the 3rd or 4th time you said you wanted to leave? Geez.

What a drama queen you are. I don't care much for Discord either but that's no reason for me to leave TWHL. At least in my opinion Discord is a much better voice chat application than Skype. Skype has become absolutely atrocious over the years. But anyway, no one is forcing you to use Discord or any social media for that matter, so why do you care so much that some of us do? Grow up, quit whining and stop being such an attention whore.
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Commented 2 weeks ago2018-09-09 22:59:19 UTC Comment #101510
To be frank, SourceSkyBoxer, the vast majority of your posts make no sense whatsoever. Perhaps that's why people don't listen to you...
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I think he had a condition. Was anyone else paying any attention?
Commented 2 weeks ago2018-09-11 19:46:32 UTC Comment #101513
John Blake said:I mean, they understand, your foster parents, everybody else understands... for a while. But then they want the angry little kid to do something he knows he can’t do. Move on. So, after awhile, they stop understanding.
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Reading this journal reminded me of another site (Driver-Madness the main-forum for anything Driver, the game-series), which had a huge hit in activity because of the Discord server, to the extent where the admin was considering shutting down the website altogether.

Some places, like forums, can be easily replaced by a Discord presence right now, just because of the current convenience factor.

Although as we all know, nothing lasts forever, especially when something is business-oriented and has no rock-solid business model. I believe that and other sites like it can and will surpass the life-span of a service like Discord.
Keep in mind, not long ago many of us were using Skype and XFire...
Commented 1 week ago2018-09-12 15:35:23 UTC Comment #101516
I'm still using Skype. And at work. And they introduced the "seen" feature the last couple of days...
Commented 1 week ago2018-09-12 21:04:33 UTC Comment #101517
I feel like public opinion is against the “seen” thing, but I generally don’t mind it. It’s nice to know when a message has actually been recieved.

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