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Posted 1 year ago2019-03-19 22:00:57 UTC
SourceSkyBoxer SourceSkyBoxerC# Developer and Linux Creator
Hello everyone,

How are you? I am fine but I am working on C# with SDL2 with improvement like in C++ and I have created any custom classes as SDL_Window, SDL_Renderer and more in C#, I think SharpLife need update - if I note everyone. I support also DirectX, Metal ( MacOS ) and Vulkan.
I will add library for NetCore 2 and 3.

It is initial test with SDL_Window and more SDL_(classes)

Proof code in C#
See on my Twitter @jenseckervogt83 on: https://twitter.com/jenseckervogt83/status/1107750736396464129?s=09

Why I should write extra than IntPtr because somebody doesn't understand how do they write in C#? I feel they don't know how do they declare variables of window and rendered or glcontext and more.

That is reason. Library by me will release soon.

Good day/night


Commented 1 year ago2019-03-19 22:47:23 UTC Comment #101916
Hello, SSB. :)

Also, where's the triangle?
Commented 1 year ago2019-03-20 06:10:23 UTC Comment #101917
Yes come soon I will prepare triangles. Don't worry me!
Commented 1 year ago2019-03-20 12:41:50 UTC Comment #101921
Okay. :)

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