wheres capt?

Posted 5 months ago2019-04-12 21:52:50 UTC
what happened to captain terror? last seen on twhl or fpsbanana a year ago?


Commented 5 months ago2019-04-13 08:48:24 UTC Comment #101949
User posted image
Were they working on anything that was particularly anticipated? If not they likely moved on. Got a new hobby.
Commented 5 months ago2019-04-13 13:02:46 UTC Comment #101950
I was actually wondering the same thing yesterday... :\
Commented 5 months ago2019-04-13 20:30:40 UTC Comment #101952
I was also wondering that when I browsed old tutorials.
Commented 5 months ago2019-04-17 20:10:16 UTC Comment #101955
Let's hope he will visit again.
Commented 5 months ago2019-04-18 21:20:54 UTC Comment #101959
If ZeebaG could 3D print a house what was stopping CaptainT from blasting the F outta here in a rocket :D

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