Huh Trinity Render 3.08f hasn't crash under Linux with Proton since change level????

Posted 5 months ago2019-10-23 22:13:08 UTC
SourceSkyBoxer SourceSkyBoxerC# Developer and Linux Creator

I am very surprised why does it work on Linux now? Eh I can't expect about Windows problem with Trinity Render crashes since changelevel. I am sorry I don't like to exhume from bury of Trinity Render. I feel about mappers wait longer for new update like Redux still not work for Windows. I don't understand why does it work under wine ( Proton ) - It is really impossible that Proton conjures died incompatible games into alive...
Now it works fine for me under Linux with Proton ( wine latest version 4.11.7 )
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Flash light throws fine
water looks fine
dynamic light? Don't know....
Main-menu looks dirty oh oh...
Texture looks sometimes scratching - if you use detailtextures = ok.

I swear that I don't scam everyone. Please check out Ubuntu 18.04 and Steam with Proton with Trinity Render 3.08f and you can try out.

I show proof.

_Successful mods: Tested: _
-> Trinity Renderer ( successful, mess up textures and mainmenu looks dirty )
-> Redux ( successful, but it is very catastrophically because detail textures scratch and are hurtfully. )
-> Spirit of Half-Life - Copy from valve/resources to spirit/resources for main menu background fixer and all maps like XXXXXXdemo successfuly no crashes YAY
-> Natural Selection 3.2 ( Works fine completed with navigate menus in right click and no problem YAY! )

Not tested:
-> HL Bump ( very old mod from VERC )
and more..

Half-Life Rally - :( When I run onto game mode than it crashes :( Died!!! BYE BYE HL-Rally!! )


Commented 5 months ago2019-10-24 08:57:38 UTC Comment #102376
That's an interesting discovery. I wonder why this occurs.
Commented 5 months ago2019-10-24 10:53:27 UTC Comment #102377
@Admer, correctly!
Because I do not know, though Trinity Renderer usually crashes on the next level under Windows. My belly feeling says about incompatible game-mods of Half-Life like Natural Selection 3.2 - I don't know if they work as well under Linux. I will see - if it crashes or doesn't crash yet...

I update thread.
Commented 5 months ago2019-10-24 12:09:03 UTC Comment #102378

Result with NS 3.,2 with navigate menus :D
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