Me Too

Posted 6 days ago2020-05-20 01:59:30 UTC
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
I graduated too. I've got a bachelors in accounting now.



Commented 6 days ago2020-05-20 04:58:40 UTC Comment #102722
for all I know Dimbark this could be a birthday journal judging from how you've written your previous ones :P

Commented 6 days ago2020-05-20 10:26:36 UTC Comment #102724
Dimbeak's birthday journals are generally on (or around) the 30th of July. :P

So legitimately, congratz. :D
Commented 6 days ago2020-05-20 12:17:59 UTC Comment #102727
Now you've switched the difficulty from Hard to Realistic!
Commented 5 days ago2020-05-20 15:24:36 UTC Comment #102729
Ah... fresh graduate! Be wary of employers who are counting on HRs to count the accounting internships on your CV because supposedly that counts, it doesn't. It matters how good you are at accounting!

On the account of this journal and through the countless comments, I wish you a very merry birthday - if that's the case, and I hope it counts.
Commented 5 days ago2020-05-20 17:15:10 UTC Comment #102730
Best of wishesh in the future of your employment.
It takes guts too, not just the diploma.
Commented 1 day ago2020-05-24 14:02:30 UTC Comment #102739
You´ve taken the Red pill, welcome to the world of the reality. :) Good luck!!! :P

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