On Break.

Posted 3 months ago2020-06-20 22:41:52 UTC
barney barneyHey, catch me later, I'll buy you a beer.
"I’m going to be taking a break indefinitely until further notice. So basically I’ll be on a break until I think it’s time to come back here. The reason behind this is that I’ve been having a lot of stress lately, especially with staying in all the time and barely seeing anyone irl, and I’ve got personal matters to take to hand. This would usually be fine for me, but recently it’s been too much, I’ve been doing too much and I think it’s time for me to slow down as I had a stress attack last night. I couldn’t breathe. It was scary as hell. To those who want to play our games, do not worry. I will keep working on them. Just not while I’m on this break. Thank you for reading, playing our games, and supporting us."

-Sabian, lead developer of The Phoenix Project

This announcement was originally posted on 17th June 2020 on the Phoenix Discord.

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Thats spooky.

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