Deathmatch with my son

Posted 3 months ago2021-01-21 16:22:36 UTC
satchmo satchmoWhat you can do today should have been done yesterday.
My son consistently bests me in any game we play together.

This was when he dominated me in my own map, dm_vertico.
HL2DM Vertico


Commented 3 months ago2021-01-22 03:01:33 UTC Comment #103199
I swear I used to have reaction times like that.... :walter:

I played vertico a bunch back in the day - this was a nostalgia trip! Great to see you and Scott having a blast together - some of my fondest memories are fragging my dad in Elite Force and Jedi Outcast.

Also also!
My partner and I got a kitten a couple of months ago and we named her River. I only now realised that I probably had that name lodged in my head from you, so thankyou :)
Commented 3 months ago2021-01-23 22:36:48 UTC Comment #103205
Your son is doing a good job, but you... I think you're getting older. :P

Now I wonder whether I'll have the same 'problem' with my daughter 10 years from now, heh.
Commented 2 months ago2021-02-22 16:30:07 UTC Comment #103340
River is a nice name. Now we know why it's an apt name for her:

Wow! Captain P! I haven't heard from you for so long.

You were my early mapping mentor. Congratulations on your daughter. How old is she now?
Commented 2 months ago2021-02-23 12:42:06 UTC Comment #103346
Hao jiu bu jian, haha!

Thanks! She's 2.5, old enough to talk all day long, do jigsaw puzzles and make abstract art. It's a joy. :)
Commented 2 months ago2021-03-02 21:38:02 UTC Comment #103367
Children are blessings, especially when they're your own.

Enjoy every moment. They grow up way too fast.

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