Hello World.

Posted 3 days ago2021-06-10 19:57:18 UTC
VeryCoolMoment VeryCoolMomentThis is Indeed a VeryCoolMoment!
Yeah this isn't going to be a good title for why im making this

Why are you making another Journal?
Recently i've been having alot of stress and anxiety problems and some fighting with other HL Community Members (One that i've reported for being mean to me and some other users on discord)
I might leave the HL Community altogether
Will you make more mods
Short Answer: Maybe
I don't want to leave with people wanting (For example) HL2:VCE (Which has stopped development)
I will be making HINDSIGHT 2 still and Maybe a Unity FPS game
What about Wall Source Aren't you still helping with it
I honestly don't know
Is this the last we are going to see of you?
I am going to stay in the TWHL Discord because honestly its a nice place to talk about retro games and even some game engines like Unity, Unreal, Godot and BurekTech!
I also have my own Discord Server!
Final Things
In short i will be kinda still in the HL Community but not helping any mods
I'll still be developing stuff outside HL1 or 2
I'm not a massive fan of this Community due to some stuff on other servers
Ok i guess i should keep this short
Goodbye for now


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Commented 3 days ago2021-06-10 22:09:48 UTC Comment #103586
I enjoy that this type of post is still a tradition after *checks 16 years on TWHL
Commented 3 days ago2021-06-11 01:39:09 UTC Comment #103587
I'm not on the TWHL discord, I just hang out on the site and its usually pretty chilled here (though empty at times, but I knew the discord would kill the site a bit...) hopefully see you again though, Moment
Commented 2 days ago2021-06-11 08:50:25 UTC Comment #103588
three words: discord's shit
Commented 1 day ago2021-06-12 10:02:40 UTC Comment #103589
I don't know how so many people get caught up in the HL community drama. I mostly hear about it from others, but rarely am I involved in it... It seems to gravitate towards Source modding. I only stick to a very small number of Discord servers, with people I have mostly known for years.

At the end of the day, the world is full of shitheads and they tend to be at their most obnoxious on the Internet. If you're not actively going to be involved in HL community projects, then yeah, it's likely not worth sticking around. Just don't expect any different on any other Discord server.
Commented 1 day ago2021-06-12 20:42:07 UTC Comment #103591
@Urby Sometimes in given situation people should , even if just for the kick of it , ask themselves - "Am I the shithead here?".
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