Why i'm not making mods

Posted 10 months ago2021-11-04 21:37:32 UTC
VeryCoolMoment VeryCoolMomentThis is Indeed a VeryCoolMoment!
I find Mod Developing harder to do than Game Development on its own.
And Right now i have alot of ideas todo with Game Dev and not alot with Modding on its own!
Right now i'm working on a Sci-Fi FPS called Protocol Orion (Thanks to SolidRogue on Discord for the name idea) and i will be temporarily stepping back on being a "Mod Developer"
Well thats it for now but happy modding (I'll stay active on here and the TWHL Discord :crowbar: )


Commented 10 months ago2021-11-05 01:08:02 UTC Comment #103814
good luck on your project man!
Commented 10 months ago2021-11-06 14:56:10 UTC Comment #103815
I'm in the opposite camp. I have a ton of mod ideas that I don't have time to work on. I wouldn't know where to begin in terms of making my own game, but maybe that'll be something I can look into once my contract at 3DR is up and The Core is released.

Best of luck with your project. :D

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