A not-so new game im working on!

Posted 6 months ago2021-12-25 17:17:34 UTC
VeryCoolMoment VeryCoolMomentThis is Indeed a VeryCoolMoment!
If your not in any groups or servers im in on Discord you might not know this but i am working on a Game in the Unity Game engine called Protocol Orion, Set in the HINDSIGHT Universe in deep space on a Lunar-Corporation Station that was designed to search the universe

There is no set release date but expect me to release something about the game in 2022!


Commented 6 months ago2021-12-26 13:09:53 UTC Comment #103907
Very cool, I'll be looking forward to that ^w^
Commented 6 months ago2021-12-26 16:57:01 UTC Comment #103908
Thank you!

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