How's everyone doing?

Posted 1 year ago2022-04-29 07:01:55 UTC


Commented 1 year ago2022-04-29 12:35:20 UTC Comment #104359
i'm doing pretty fine, i just came back from work and my legs feel like they're gonna explode
Commented 1 year ago2022-04-29 13:07:48 UTC Comment #104360
Doing pretty fine, working on some projects in real life.

One of them is to finish a old Sony system from '82/83.
Commented 1 year ago2022-04-29 15:12:38 UTC Comment #104361
I'm alright, a little tired due to college, but I'm alright~
Commented 1 year ago2022-04-30 09:41:15 UTC Comment #104362
Busy as Billy Blueballs. Hating my day job and staying up far too late for my side job. Much better now that it's the long weekend. :D
Commented 1 year ago2022-05-01 10:05:03 UTC Comment #104365
yea ok

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