Found an old USB with some cool old stuff in it!

Posted 1 month ago2022-07-06 19:30:33 UTC
Recently i visited my parents to pick up some stuff because they were cleaning the small wood warehouse we got. Most of the boxes were trash or old family stuff, but there was a peculiar box labeled "jAmiE". Yeah, it was mine, when i was like 8 or 7, cant remember. When i got back home and opened it, i found some cool stuff, old clothes, some old toys, a few children magazines, a lot of books (Btw there were a lot of books) and of course, an old hard drive. It has the shape of the Captain America┬┤s shield:
Btw sorry for poor qualityBtw sorry for poor quality

I plugged it into my laptop, and hoped there wasnt any old virus that might cause the end of the world. Luckly, it was in better hardware shape than i expected. I found the following folders

I do remember using the "machinimas" folder" to save machinimas stuff and leftovers. I used to make some cool machinimas with my friends. The rest of it its WAY to ooold. Like, 6 or 8 years ago. Oldest file is from 2001. There are a buch of small batch games, pictures, trash, suspiciously downloaded games, a lot of photos and more trash.
Wow thats a lot of garbageWow thats a lot of garbage
There are a lot of damaged files, because a lot of the files were transfered from an even older hard drive. In the folders that end with "stufff" there are a some maps, models, addons, mods, etc... There are some Half-Life maps i tought i lost. Also there is a They Hunger copy still zipped. The most happy thing i found was MY FIRST MAP. After so many years i found again my first map, wich is, as you could guess right now, A COMPLETE GARBAGE.

So, what im going to do, is remake my first map, and see how it goes!
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Commented 1 month ago2022-07-06 20:41:38 UTC Comment #104612
It's always great when you find your old maps. It's a good way to gauge how far your skills have developed, even slightly. Your images aren't working though.
Commented 1 month ago2022-07-06 21:25:41 UTC Comment #104614
Thats weird, images are showing up for me.
Commented 1 month ago2022-07-06 22:54:39 UTC Comment #104620
I suggest using or some other image host
Commented 1 month ago2022-07-09 23:03:02 UTC Comment #104634
I suspect you're hosting the images in a private space in Google that you have access too and nobody else does. You can just upload images to your TWHL posts, FYI, by copying and pasting. :D

Or yes, use a public image hosting service like imgur

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