Time to talk about Game Dev again (with a side of personal stuff)

Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-26 06:17:40 UTC
VeryCoolMoment VeryCoolMomentThis is Indeed a VeryCoolMoment!
Hi, Last time I talked about Game Dev here was a LONG time ago (it was when I was making a game called HINDSIGHT 2 that no longer is being worked on)
and yeah I want to talk about what I'm doing now
I have attempted to get back into Half-Life Modding recently but haven't been able to due to my lack of C++ knowledge but I have gotten back into making Unity Games due to me knowing some C# (I'm currently working on a FPS but I don't have anything interesting to show right now, thinking about making a blog for its development though)

Now onto that personal stuff
A While ago I had some thoughts about who I was (I meant like gender related stuff) and I realized sometime in March that I was Transgender, I have tried She/Her Pronouns before that and they really stuck with me but i never fully realized I was trans until then, I have began using the name Dawn on Discord but to be honest, i havent began coming out in real life due to anxiety and that type of stuff

Well, this wraps up this Journal i guess

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Commented 1 day ago2022-08-08 11:58:50 UTC Comment #104712
That sounds awful. I hope you can one day put yourself in a situation where you are comfortable coming out. These kinds of secrets can really eat a person.

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