I do not feel like doing anything

Posted 6 days ago2022-09-23 01:32:38 UTC
Might be just me overreacting but these past few days have been boring. These days consist of me waking up, going to work, eat, and waste my time on useless stuff. My life has become excidingly boring. I started running out of mapping ideas for my mod, then i had no mapping ideas. Playing videogames is boring now, watchin tv is also boring, reading is boring. Am i wasting my life?


Commented 5 days ago2022-09-23 07:15:57 UTC Comment #104798
I can relate. Maybe I enjoy making games in the Unity Engine but I'm less interested in playing games. You might need to find something new to do if your everyday life is boring.
Commented 4 days ago2022-09-24 11:57:04 UTC Comment #104800
just give it some time, you'll be back
Commented 18 hours ago2022-09-28 10:27:19 UTC Comment #104804
You can learn to fly and become a pilot.

That should add some spice to your life.

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