I am in dire requirement of your advice

Posted 2 weeks ago2023-01-24 01:49:18 UTC
Also, i have nowhere else to ask for this (except reddit perhaps). How do i get friends? Or how do i get close?.
I used to had friends but we dont talk each other again for a thing that happened that i (quoting myself from other journals) "rather not discuss". So i had serious psicological issues, and went to see a therapist. And turns out, that i developed depresion due to the isolation. So, he recommended me to see other people, and get friends nd stuff like that.
But the problem is , that i have no social skills. So, im going to try first at my workplace. Thing is, i dont know exactly how to get close to them. I havent had real conversations beyond work stuff ᵗʰᵃᵗˢ ᵃ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᶦ ᵍᵘᵉˢˢ?. However, i dont know how to start a conversation or something like that.

If you could please advice me that would be great!


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Look for people with similar interests I'd say. You can always fall back to talking about those with them. If there are none, you could try learning more of the interests that those surrounding you have. May be controversial (please remove this comment if it's undesirable or anything), but picking up smoking actually let me improve relations with a few of my university classmates, and even become friends with one of the teachers. So yeah, my point is, look for finding or establishing common interests/activities with people. But ofc be careful, don't pick up bad habits unless you know what you're doing and are ready to take responsibility for it.

Oh yeah, it may be hard, it actually IS hard, but don't be afraid to bring up topics with people that you've never seen them be interested in. Like, if you have the courage, it's totally fine to bring up a music genre you listen to while talking to an acquaintance of yours. They might even like it, especially if you share some examples. And if it fails, it's not a big loss. There's a way out of anything, even the dirtiest of mud pits. You can always try again later.
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First of all, we're all friends here. You're never alone.

I think I mentioned on a previous journal of yours - the best thing you can do to meet like-minded friendly folk is to get more involved in the things that interest you outside of the digital world. Work is a great place to start, but also there's no guarantee of having any similar interests (although working in the same industry does tend to attract similar types of people). Find something you truly love and then find local clubs and groups interested in the same stuff. For me, that was a badminton club and an indoor climbing centre - just two activities a week that helped me meet some fantastic people, many of whom are still friends to this day.
It doesn't have to be fitness - there are movie clubs, tabletop gaming places, chess clubs, bowling teams, etc etc. One of the most attractive and charismatic qualities in a person is their passion for their interests. It's a great way to get out of your shell and just be honestly present and completely yourself.

You mention animation and music in your profile - brilliant!! Those have some of the most awesome communities in the world.

You'll do great :)
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Oh, and don't smoke
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-01-24 21:15:33 UTC Comment #105026
Thanks, ill try to use your advice.

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